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Hello mark here. I just wanna say at the stone of every month is to you all the media lunch club online. Come to you at the media code you came in the lunch club section c. Who is lying up over to come in mumps moment shine. Continue all the media. Bite-size one idea each week on the loyal audience you build armando flying. Here's mark masters how we created online togetherness in twenty twenty and the plan for twenty twenty one one of the biggest lessons the on them. This year is that an online network. One that you build yourself and that isn't derive from the platform such as face because slack can become a place of connectedness community and support. Even if you can't meet up with face to face you still maximize opportunity to give us digitally just showing up time and time again. In an online space sparks. Genuine connection when you start creating shared experiences sense of community has the opportunity to really flourish. It works best when you recognize and are prepared to acknowledge the differences between what is possible on and offline. And don't try to impose walk can be achieved one medium or another for such as not exported and in-person conference or exhibition wholesale into the online space. It also works far better when you create something ongoing with continuous thread running through it. Rather than a one of event to me offline touches you'd media lunch. Clubs and conference magnifies sense of the social shed company while the online did you to space such as you are the media learning you'd be online magnify shed learning in working towards a common go together because working together creates a collaborative network. Commerce network is defined this -pedia as a network consisting of a variety of entities such as organizations and people the largely autonomous geographically distributed in terms of their social capital and goals but that collaborate to better achieve common goes. The tim may have its roots in engineering but it translates into any space where people come together to create something of value is possible to create such self sustaining support groups in the virtual space. Now i don't believe in being zoomed out as a reason for not wanting to attend i'm be apart of online events. The reason people are often reluctant to attend. A virtual conference is normally down to the pedestrian nature of how the material ends up being delivered. No one wants to watch. A presentation is broadcast with zero energy. An office precious little insane fawzi..

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