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Uh uh tp link router into bridge mode it will probably be called bridge mode fair and that means is just going to pass through the routing yogi it's okay to let the ifp modem do the routing you just don't want it's wifi to be working right so you can is sometimes it says turnoff gnat sometimes as turnoff that is network address translation sometimes as turnoff dhc peace sometimes is just says go into bridge mode a pretty sure the tp links has a bridge mode setting so it will be luigi on so you have your you have your choice i know that with some ias peace modems they don't they say not i you gotta here's our router okay fine that case turn off the wifi radio only and put the tp lincoln the bridge about the idea being you don't want to routers and you don't want to wifi access points you want one of each but it's okay if it's okay if the ice pieces the router okay that makes sense yeah that that does may might say passed through mode about i mean i don't know what the languages because nobody agrees on what it is but that's you know typically geeks will call it bridge mud a basically i want to turn off the radio component of sure that yet for sure that if you can find ascending to turn off network address translation or dhc p or routing or put it in bridge mode turn that often than use the tp link for everything if not because in other words what you're doing his dumbing down that box mateen t to just be a k edges a dsl mona that's all it is now right if not then turn off the routing in the d in the atp link you don't want you can you know a technically you can have what they called dual that ord in both of them acting as a router but it can caused confusion and problems and sometimes speed issue so it's best only have one of them doing that yeah and i i don't i don't like this crowder i just got it out.

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