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Schools peels off the high left side also this is a one possession game cool has against Mason Plumlee three point or better any mistake rebound comes down to Jeremy grant out without stop over Jamal Murray he has a cross the timeline on my left side to the windows Mason kicked out over the border to border goes left handed the dotted line jumpers on the white that looks good in the rebound comes down to Jordan Poole again outlook Pasadena lead for the tie Mr rebound fought for grab by Mason Plumlee outlet pass awful to Monte Morris within one minute ago my right side is Monte Morris gets a high pick a good one Jeremy grant does the grand on the pick and pop website Murray fakes a pass I thought about the three shot clock winding down here now we'll take it balance of freedom comes down defender now if they can get this to pull one back here and I'm not sure anybody out there on the floor knows this I guess somebody does is it from the the game up at seventy nine ridiculous I mean it's a two for one chopped it up at the midcourt circles Monte Morris feeling very well about this game here it's a missed seven shots in a row eight on the shot clock for Denver's Monte Morris goes to the left hand crossover move gets inside the arc jump shots all the way down finally stops the bleeding ten seconds left here for the warriors looking to tie it up or take the lead after three hi love size Jordan Poole four seconds to go against recent global head fakes stops goes she took three more Denver trailed by one after three I guess the worst team in the NBA all right well let's go four corners coming up next on the altitude radio network the end of the third quarter fourth quarter basketball gets two minutes on the LTE radio network next time you want to drive up the hill to play at the casinos in central city don't crawl about old twisty Kenyans plus gravel tracks do what I do take I. seventy to the central city casino parkway it's a quick easy scenic drive and.

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