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News time twelve forty two traffic and transit on the twos and got big problems schuylkill expressway we're going to start west this time we're jammed from their avenue all the way into past south street that's because we've got one lane blocked there they've been doing some pothole repair in the area and then on the westbound vine it's heavy from the parkway to the schuylkill expressway continue west approaching the boulevard one big solid long line of traffic out to around gladwin that's because we've got a disabled truck that's in the left lane and it looks like there's some sort of fluid spill with this i can't tell if it's fuel or what it is but it's definitely gonna get out of there everybody's going by on the right shoulder again that's the westbound schuylkill from the boulevard out to around gladwin east on the schuylkill expressway we had a broken down vehicle that was near the vine that's apparently gone there was an accident in there and then there was a lane closed near thirtieth street too so that's why things are still very slow east from after the boulevard all the way to about the vine on on the blue route four seventy six you're jammed from route one up to almost upper darby bramall that's a work crew looks like we have another slow spot in the southbound lanes at just about the same spot ninety five north jammed four fifty two all the way up to almost the blue route that's because of a crew taking out the two left lanes the one that was out there north near kademi has gone and the delay is actually gone with it for twenty two east at armand hammer right lane blocked the repairing the guardrail from this morning's accident we've also got a water main break that's got to fifty two closed that's going to be just south of two to.

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