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Now that there will be no russian flag of the closing ceremony of the winter olympics the iowa voted to uphold its ban on russia i o c president thomas bach said condition for russia's reinstatement was no further positive drug tests at these games but a russian curler and the russian bobsledder competing under the olympic flag tested positive for doping correspondent steve kastenbaum in pyonyang says russian athletes will mark the under the olympic flag a phone call between president trump and mexico's president enrique pena nieto did not go so well the washington post says the us president refuse to publicly acknowledge mexico's refusal to pay for a border wall now it looks like pinior scheduled visit to the white house is off thousand intelligence committee democrats memo rebutting the republican memo released two weeks ago is now public basically says democrats found no evidence that the law enforcement agencies abused their surveillance authorities on richard jones and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters volkswagen's us unit agreed to settle a lawsuit over the company's marketing of clean emissions vehicles the move resolves a fight over consumer fraud claims just before it was about to go to trial the trial was one of three set for the first half of this year over claims that vw deceived customers by rigging emissions controls to perform differently when being tested than they do on the road chinese manufacturers i sean deely holding group has acquired a stake worth about nine billion dollars in daimler to become the largest investor and the german automaker the story from bloomberg's charlie pellett dime were confirmed the holding in a regulatory filing shortly after bloomberg new first reported the julie has been building up of desertion of joe just under ten percent three purchases in the stock market in recent weeks the german company said it welcomes another major investor the investment in the parent of mercedesbenz furthers gylys foray into the european premium automotive market an ends months of speculation charlie pellett bloomberg radio warren buffett's berkshire hathaway was a big winner from the recent tax overhaul burke here said today that book value climbed thirteen percent per class ashare at the end of 2017 compared to three months earlier berkshire got a twenty nine billion dollar boost to net earnings in the fourth quarter from the tax code changes buyout firm silverlake disclosed.

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