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His parents and like discovering that they aren't getting people like that's. That is a storyline for its cartoon unimportant what I think, but you know dealt with any kind of a fanciful like magical way, but then relating to something that's real and important to recognize. Sure. not as important, but I did enjoy the goose. You did. The the goose made me laugh a lot. I also wanted to know if Dr Princess is a character that comes back, or is she just there for the one episode she helps deliver gutters. Baby Yeah I know there are several episodes where like all the princesses are just like in of one big princess. Cluster I want to say she's there for all of those. Were just you kind of got all the princesses there? At once I enjoyed the I'm not even a real princess. It's just my surname. Yeah, those are good. But I. Felt seen from Dr Prints. Kind of has a you vibe. Has Me by. I saw her and I was like okay. I'm present I forgot to mention jae-kun lady raining corner. Have Babies and jake know identified as a male character, but he is the one that has the children. and Jake's dad was the one that had him and I like gave birth and I think that's really cool that you have this male character who is. Dating in married to I suppose a a female character, but the males are the ones having the kids because like gender roles seem to mean much in the world adventure time Never thing they make a big deal out of either just like I don't think they ever make like a whole big. Oh, no controversy ordeal over like bubblegum. Marceline, be at some point. to think. Very I just wanted to check she Dr Princess Does appear. In. A lot of episodes, but also she appears in disguise as science wizard. Wizard. Now, did you now you've given away?.

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