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Two his danish tarazona and are now about that on what it is yes i shipped cookies before but cheesecake cakes probably not a good shipping probably not and we we're going to get into swamp watch at the bottom of this hour supreme court actual win for uh for president trump and the travel ban we'll talk about that also democrats may be making the same mistake as they head into the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election there mindset may not have changed they may not have learned from that glaring problem of focusing on all gender bathrooms and jaded razor handles all of that yeah did you see any of hillary clinton's interviews from today she's i mean sound of interview i heard some in julie's news i've done hearing about it well done hearing not entirely because i'm gonna play piece for you from the show today can't way anyway that's coming up in swap watch like she needs to get outlets i know what to book tour i know these are book availabilities and all thing but right if we gotta stop obsessing over what went wrong or what happened criticisms has been to the president like hey we you don't need to go like you're the guy you don't need to brain of only one silver what are you going to do now health so in what is she keeps saying she keeps want she wants to rehash soliciting over over and she doesn't get it she still doesn't get why she loss no anywhere reynolds are all about that what else is going time for what's happening this is an opportunity for us look at all.

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