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Remember Which i remember one time in college there is a big headliner. That was gonna play. You know they always brought on a big spring act for something similar to what you're saying in that headliner cancelled and they replaced him with john popper of blues traveler and I wouldn't have gone to see the original. But i went to go see. John popper blues traveler speech to music. Taste but i got news very good but like i got there and i was like god damn i hope he's learned the harmonica vest. I hope he's wearing the harmonica vest. And i don't remember if he was wearing the harmonica best or not. But that's that's part of his look think ours was a third eye. Blind was there. I blind in iraq is really cool. Tell me gonna be nin tuned in the third by third eye blind. Sorry i'm a among two cups of coffee. In the last hour. I got a new curate machine. Today had curie in years. And i'm because i had the espresso which by by all accounts is better coffee. But it's not it's not the watery as american coffee. I know in law. So i had to get that that office coffee curate just to get fixed and so i'm i'm a little. I'm a little jittery right now. So i'm i'm so asia k-cup coffee tastes like you took a regular cup of coffee and just let ice like dissolve into it for like over. The course of the game wasn't like it was like a hot room or something. Like dissolves into that coffee over the course of like four hours and then like you went back to drink cup coffee but it made it serves its purpose always which i'll give chaos credit for. It's like it's like ninety ninety percent of the way to a good cup of coffee or like we'll just let's just say like now like a coffee snob. Good cup of coffee but just like a good like You know diner cup of coffee. Just a strong. You know car. That comes out of a metal carafe or whatever you wanna call it. Yeah he cups like ninety percent of the way they're i think they're they're getting closer each year they have been at innovate. That next year will be the l. cup.

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