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Somewhere. Maybe it's for the debate the other night. Maybe he's asking her questions about. The kid had a question for Marianne pet here it is she had a cat cat died there. You go just wanted to fill the kid in on that. She couldn't just say yeah I used to I had a cat. I had a cat the died sweeten yeah what happened was run out in the street and a car just squished it all over the main. There were blood guts our brains. Ah The bloody what a mess. It was just really nasty. The I'm sure that the cats suffered greatly in those few seconds and don't ever run out in the street. I guess that's the lesson we need. Remember the conversation. We just played going like that but it was a lot closer to that than just like you know I had a cat one. It's so cute and cuddly and his name was fluffy rabbit cat or any pet but just say I used to have a cat not can't once ride. We're all GONNA die. You know this kid triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three all right. Let's go to some of the obscure candidates candidates from last night. I don't even know why Japan's Lee is in this well. There's I mean that could be said about a lot of them but come on his anyway. During the climate change section he was obviously important because easy climate change net job and here he is talking about our house being on fire. We cannot work it out. We cannot work this out. The time is up. Our House is on fire. We have to stop using coal in ten years and we need a president to do it or won't get done that. Get off Cole. Save this country in the planet. That's that's known for seriously hard really hard to get through holy cow roof get off coal in ten ten years alright find something to replace it. It's like forty percent of our energy. You're just gonNA stop using it. Well Good luck keeping the lights on doofus. It's not a problem. I don't think for anybody to find a renewable source of energy that Burns clean. I would love it if somebody would invent cold fusion that'd be fantastic. K It gives out more more energy than you put into it and it keeps going forever that would be really great. We thought we had it in one thousand nine hundred nine with Pons and Fleischmann at the University of Utah Yeah they didn't it wasn't and who hangs out at the University of Utah which of godless animals thank you <laughter> saying what happened godless and they lie about having been Yup. I think comes full circle circle. Well right there all right. Let me tell you about brickhouse nutrition. This is a way you can get really good nutrition into your body without having to put vegetables on on your taste buds and it works out really well you just take a scoop of field of Greens from brickhouse nutrition because every scoop is a full serving of real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables it boosts your immunity using anti-oxidants pre and probiotics not a single post biotic in this thing no sir.

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