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Version of this with some extras or whatever is comparable to the one hundred eight dollar a month average cable able bill is just nonsense to may i this is this is way better. I foresee it being way better in the future for people who don't want to subscribe subscribe to certain types of things to be able to subscribe to what they want if you just want this and you're not interested in h._b._o. Max at eighteen dollars or twenty eighty dollars or whatever when it comes out don't subscribe to it. I mean this is. This is better than i think than it's ever been before. It's funny to me though because half of the people blur screaming out over bundling of cable type services half people screaming about too many options too many choices and there's too much good television out there being made like netflix net flicks isn't the only thing i need to have anymore. I need to now. Have you know to see everything my friends. We're talking about netflix hulu disney apple. I'm gonna have to have one hundred dollars worth of services a month. Is there a substantial difference in that. I mean i think social media's always mad about something. I think you're exactly right that we we've complained for years that we want all a car t._v. And now we're complaining that we have too many choices that this is all the court t._v. You know we've wanted if there are more choices coming. Certainly he no apple t._v. Plus is coming this fall. We don't know exactly how that's gonna prize. You know do you you get that for free. If you're already an apple music subscriber or apple news plus subscriber or is there going to be you know some fairly inexpensive price ice t to get you in the door to reflect the fact that there's not gonna be a whole lot in that catalog <hes> at the beginning then you've got <hes> h._b._o. Max is going to you. You know layer a lot of warner media former turner broadcasting channel <hes> content on top of h._b._o. And then in the spring <hes> <hes> <hes> n._b._c. is gonna launch. Its new product. I four cable subscribers to get as a free add on and then i'm so you know i'm i'm sure eventually they're going to allow that to to be a subscription product for ten twelve. Whatever dollars a month these these are these are good options to have if if you're already not on cable <hes> you know there's something like a quarter of of u._s. Households either have have canceled suld their subscription to pay t._v. Service or never had pay tv service and for a lot of those this is one more option to more options and three more options than what they have right right now it does feel to me like a little bit of an unstable <unk> librium because the way i see it shaking out is like you know you got all these choices entering the market and everybody's competing for eyeballs on one one of two things is likely in my case <hes> in my estimation happen number one silo up in their individual silos and they watched the content. They like you know the d._c. The d._c. fan boy. You're going to you know <hes> get the dc app and watch your superhero stuff. If you're a fan of the marvel the probably going to get disney if you're an star wars and some of the niche if you like your nici show you're gonna pick whatever to channel is has got the msci show <hes> but it's also seems likely that like in ten ten years. I can read a press release. Disney says you know we've looked at the numbers and eighty percent of our subscriber base subscribes to the who disney e._s._p._n. Bundle and it just doesn't make sense to support the unbundled version so now we're dropping unbundled services and it's gonna be you know twelve ninety nine or fifty nine at this point and that's where it's like. That's where it seems like. I said what their incentive i mean. The incentive is you try to lock people into buying stuff and subsidize stuff that you know is kind of nichido. Get more of those not markets. I it's going to be one of those to the idea that there's going to be fifteen streaming services at five ninety nine to fifty nine for like deck elec. Oh well a really long. Time seems unlikely. I don't feel like there's not many eyeball enough eyeballs support..

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