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She's described as bobbly and funny she's really genuine and she's really easy to get along with all the pictures of these women are just you'd be friends with all of them you know. She is live in nanny and the two young children she nannies adore her she's friends with the mother even though a big age difference, she's just a really easy to get along with person and in fact, the mother had spoken to her. They've talked on the phone for like four hours a couple days before and an even discussed the disappearance of Sarah spiers. So Jane's friends tell the police that they had hit a couple of different nightspots including club Bayview few were Sarah had last hung out, and there's a long line at one of the clubs. So Jane's friends decide to take a taxi home, but Jane wants to stay behind the. had been installed in Clermont after Sarah had disappeared. And it actually caught footage of Jane standing outside the Club called the continental at twelve. Oh, four am so sh-. It's it's like busy. There's people hanging out outside and smoking and like lively it's not like it's a desolate area. She seems like she's waiting for someone like maybe a taxi she's leaning on a pole she's laughing the camera catches her talking to an unknown man she's just laughing with him. It pans away and when it pans back, she's fucking gone I'm fifty five days later, an actually sorry that the footage isn't released Intel two thousand and eight. Why? Because they wanted to keep I don't know they wanted to keep things under wraps. They sent it to NASA to try to get more foot more information and they couldn't, and they just kept it under wraps, which is weird fifty five days later on August third a families out for the day in the Bush land a Wellard about twenty five miles south of Clermont. The mother. She's looking at these were called DEF- lillies. She sees the biggest one she's ever seen. So she kind of walks through the brush to look at it and she feels something brushing the back of her leg. This feels like. Fate in a weird creepy way, she turns to see what was she was feeling and she sees a tiny foot sticking out of some rush. And it is she had found the naked body, of Jane, hidden under some brush WHOA. Yeah. Yeah. What are the odds? That's crazy it's just creepy. It's savable her remains or to to decompose to confirm a cause of death. But an autopsy does show that she had a prominent injury on her neck that's consistent with a knife wound. So. It's reported to the media that pot. Okay. So then the same day on a road, less than a mile from where the Roy Jane's body was found. They the investigators found a pocket knife and it had a telecom logo on it. So Telecom which I'm going to call it turns into. This company called tell stress I'm going to call it that from now on. So Telstra. Is. Largest telecommunications company basically like at and t or verizon like phone lines Internet, they do all that Shit. So the knife was issued as standard equipment to Telstra workers..

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