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We've exceeded last year's peak. While outbreaks were expected unvaccinated pockets of the nation. Ninety eight million or still not inoculated forty states or seeing a rise in infections at yankee. Stadium positive cova task force the game against the red sox to be postponed. The delta variant a serious risk. Who's gonna find those pockets in each community where people aren't vaccinated and it's going to do a lot of damage that damage being done and for the unvaccinated including the youngest americans. The worst may still be to calm. Miguel almaguer nbc. News we should point out. cdc director. Dr shell walinsky linski reiterated. Yesterday her agency is not recommending people who are fully vaccinated wear masks. Let's bring in one of the experts. We saw miguel's report physician and fellow at the brookings institution dr patel. She's a former obama white house. Health policy director and msnbc medical contributor dr patel. It's to see this morning. This is gut wrenching. It's frustrating obviously given all we've been through all the work that's gone in to get us to this place. How do we change this trajectory. We appear to be on right now. Yeah willie one word vaccination. I think that it's incredibly clear that the vaccine that we have are effective. And what we're trying to do. I won't even call it herd immunity confusing to say that what we're trying to do is just reach a goal where the majority of people at one hundred percent because we are going to have kids and people who can't get back scenes for different reasons but we're the majority of people are vaccinated and it protects the unvaccinated. This is a simple cut of epidemiology public health. One oh one short vet willing. We're gonna continue to see these rolling waves around the country in various pockets larger numbers in some areas. But don't think that just because you live in a part of connecticut vermont or another area of the country southern california where if you have an area that's highly vaccinated at that the people who are not vaccinated are still not susceptible. Let me say it another way. Everybody is vulnerable at some point. And i will just take a different with the cdc director. Obviously she's much more kind of in the data than i am but there's no harm in talking about highly risky studying higher settings like indoors where multiple people who are not vaccinated might gather with vaccinated people and just having everyone follow the same rules. Because what we're seeing right now really is people aren't doing it. We're we're we're kinda trusting. Everyone and i don't see a reason to do that. Do you think dr patel that los angeles county is kind of a leading indicator aware places across the country may be headed. We know about the states with low vaccination rates many of them across the south. But you mentioned the states that have done well. In terms of vaccination connecticut the northeast new york massachusetts maine up in up in through the new england. Area are those places susceptible now to rollbacks in terms of the kind of restrictions we might see they are and let me just say even more than los angeles county by the way i really do. Praised the public health officials there. You're sticking their necks out on the line. They're not popular people. These days but i would say we can look to other countries we can look to israel. We can look to parts of what the u k has had to do. Ignore what boris johnson. His bed looking at local public health officials in ministry of health officials are doing on the ground there australia. Other parts of the eu. They are kind of what we would call canaries in the coal mine. They have put back in indoor masks and it simply for this reason. Vaccines do protective. They protect us from possibles. Ation death as we've said unvaccinated people with a variant willie that his novel that we don't understand that it's highly transmissible highly. Infectious minute to give it to each other. What is the harm when you're with strangers to wear a mask indoors especially in close contact setting. Why are we taking a risk that we don't need to take. When we have a very simple preventative measure for now until we get more people vaccinated and that's really the bottom line so dr patel a given what you just said and the simplicity of it because science is about facts but health is about communication and is about helping a population understand. What's best for them to live. Long healthy lives. What is happening here. What is the predominant reason. That people are not getting vaccinated. What are you hearing. I'm a primary care physician. So i'm hearing a lot of different things including large sources of misinformation. I think that's why you're talking to the surgeon. General number one people have the amount of misinformation has outweighed the facts science. I may be the only person in a fifteen minute. Visit telling people about what the facts on in the data and journals. Tell us but. I've got ninety nine point nine percent of people's lives dominated by facebook whatsapp groups and commonly cut of now. The midst unfortunately seemed like facts that this interferes with your dna that it affects your fertility that it can affect future pregnancies that the government rushed this and that this is a conspiracy to help pharmaceutical company. I've heard it all. I don't think there's one piece of misinformation. I haven't heard including that this causes you to become magnetic and what i've learned makeover month. You can't shame them. You cannot blame them. Have to actually kind of starting to empathize and say you know. I thought this might be kind of fast. And here's what i've learned. Here's why my twenty year. Latina did want this vaccine. Because she saw her sister get hospitalized and become dependent on oxygen at her age. So i think it's a very different. I honestly what we had to do. Ten years ago to fight misinformation about affordable care act access to health care so it's different misinformation in different forms but exploited by multiple media than multiple opportunities. Well absolutely important not to shame or blame. The people who've been misinformed. That would be wrong but the leaders especially the republicans and those who funnel donald trump and donald trump himself choosing to be negligent choosing to misinform people. Maybe even Media organizations choosing to have hosts that miss informed people that is choosing to be negligent that is malpractice and that is on them and it will be what happens this country on them. Here's a warning and this is just so chilling the warning that the us surgeon general. Dr vedic more the issued about misinformation when it comes to covert nineteen. Dr mercy released. A surgeon general's advisory yesterday declaring the rise of misinformation online and urgent threat calling on social media companies to take action. Today we live in a world where misinformation poses an imminent and insidious threat to our nation's health..

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