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Stocks which might take seven or eight years to accomplish so by that I mean do the math by that time or thirty thirty one and owners have finally figured out don't pay the players that that much money when they had that age there's nothing illegal about it they just stopped doing it so this promise that the players were always going to get their payday if they just played through the system no longer exists because yours have cut off the top and and they still control the bottom end and that's what you know we talked about the idea of what can the owners give they could give a bump in minimum salary next year to the much to the first level players a significant raise in our first year salary that what is it down by sixty five seventy five I think it's probably a at the somebody wrote as probably Joel Sherman I think this is it what seven hundred eight hundred thousand would that be too much to ask for a first year player that could be something to give a negotiation what we will talk to Sean Clancy who is the owner of Foley's if you've been in New York it's a baseball bar and you might know that is there a popular baseball park if it's a bar and he's been there and any others who did this one as well we'll talk to Sean who unfortunately had to close down and well a lot of people in our industry it reached out and told Chantelle was sorry we are use which is one of thousands of businesses all over this country that even forced to shut down this time we'll get shots perspective on that in just a little bit if you're all I stayed there will get to you Peter Schwartz has updated the we're coming back for more one more hour until Jodie Mac eleven with.

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