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On the nomination. We may have time to get to that a little bit later in this show. Join us now. Well, Skyler from Youth Works and Jennifer Romero from the county of Santa Fe. Are we clear with me? Our monthly conversation about Santa Fe Food Policy Council and about food and security and many, many things having to do with food with these two ladies today, Melon and Jennifer. Welcome to the show Melon. Hi, Richard. Thank you. Absolutely. Jennifer. Welcome to the show. Good afternoon. Thank you for having us once again. Welcome back. I should say. All right, um, Jennifer were going to Rhea. We're gonna lean on you first. And you're going to tell us I hope If you don't mind kind of the organization and the purpose of the Santa Fe Food Policy Council. Sure. So we work closely with the Food Policy Council. My work is largely with the connect Network, which I oversee for. Santa Fe County Connect is a city county partnership on Die overseas, like the county. Part of that, um, a big part of The needed that we see in Connect is food related on DATs something that we have Um, seen in our community for Ah, very long time. Um, And with the pandemic that need has increased increased significantly, I would say. Jennifer is with the county. You are a health care assistance Administrating program manager long title and this is non medical health care, correct. Nonmedical? Yes. What we have here in Santa Fe is unaccountable health community. Um we're in our fourth year and the name of it is connect. On day again focusing on the non medical needs. We see so much of the time that individuals are suffering from Um, issues such as diabetes and you know they might be getting their insulin. But if they don't have access to healthy food, it's It's going to be ah parroted Tonto, be able tol past and make that issue better. One of the things that we could consider non medical that you were probably addressing as well. And we know it's going to be another. I guess, in a way. Another pandemic after the first of the year is possibly Vic Shin's people losing a place to live yesterday, Jennifer and Melon. We talked about how the New Mexico Coalition in homelessness. Is seeking donations because the federal money's running out, especially if Congress doesn't get this $900 million relief package out to the states in time. It could be people on the streets. Jennifer, do you deal with that? Yes, we do. Um, in the connects network housing is our number one issue, um, by far followed up by food and you know, through the pandemic, it's another need that I've always been an issue in our community and has increased over time. We also did have funding. The coalition is one of our partners and connect. We have Um, over 50 partner organizations within the network. Um 65, plus programs and Yeah, housing. It's the huge need. And after January 1, there's There's going to be a large issue around keeping people health. Listen, it is cold outside. I get home and I run inside because I'm freezing my butt off. Um, is there money still available from the city and the county and connect for people who are fearful that they could be on the street? Come January, 1. So right now, The funding that we have available does end December. 30th on guy will say that there is currently funding available for individuals that reside within the city or county of Santa Fe. Um, they have an adult helpful member who lost a job. Um, or reduction and hours during the pandemic. So that March 1st two current, um they're at or below the 80% of the area. Median income for Santa Fe County, Um, for rental assistance, or below 100%. The area meeting income for Santa Fe County. Um for mortgages distance during any time during the pandemic, So let's say they refer load. You know, a month during the tent I met for two weeks during that time they would be qualified. Um, and they.

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