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The brain isn't like a map of the states where this lives here and that was there it's like a map the freeways this is the 405 dinner actor and and and all these it's a are connected and so if you can access the network somewhere near the surface you end up stimulating the deeper spots as well because you stimulate everything downstream when you're firing more from this particle spot we see spots on the other side of the brain spots deeper in the brain lighting up in response to that speaking of credit pay our our was big of a gross violation of a trauma is there a trauma treatment here to childhood trauma chronic trauma kind of amy there was a hit say they was very still in the model t they are still were still just like focusing on depression right now it's a lot of excitement about what might come and what might work out i don't know that everything's gonna work out people are researching alzheimer's and things like that i don't know that bears idaho took level that suddenly sunday were gonna change under oils these process there but these other types of things where we have these dysfunctions that we know are reversible with medications and therapy now also be reversible i've always under excited about is i just i'm so delays you're doing it i wanted to bring your alert people to what this is transferred magnetic stimulation go to so calcium scom oregon followed after hutton at at the are todd hut nature t t o n is their phone number of somebody's really motivated wants to look into this further absolutely at eight six six three two two seven seven seven six in although i know you and i trust you and i and i certainly prefer people to you the these centres are around the country as well do you have a network or do you recommend a certain way of getting added if you can't travel around this air in southern california.

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