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If it's on your brain right when you go to bed. It's going to be on your break up at two in the morning so get it out. Write it down whether it's journaling whether it's a to do list if you have a lot of worries stories that are just the same worries over and over again spend a little time in our before writing them all down on a piece of paper for ten minutes. Where do you stand on supplementation when not talking about prescription drugs. I'm not opposed to it at all but we do try to do. We try to treat sleep without anything at the beginning because we because that's for how we're supposed to sleep it really varies at least at home. Most people tend to use melatonin. It's not regulated by by any government agency and it's over the counter and so people miss this and it's not and you can get bottles that have one dose inside lied and another bottle have different dosage even though they are all labeled the same so melatonin. It's helpful for some people. It's really great for jetlag and certain certain disorders but not so much for insomnia but i have patients who swear by it but magnesium some people use for calming effect when it comes to hormonal issues platt coho sh <hes> there's def- def- definitely definitely things that you can try but i always encourage people to talk to her physician. I because just because it's over the counter doesn't doesn't mean it doesn't have interactions with medical disorders that you have other medications that you might take and just because it's over the counter doesn't mean it's not without side effects either so people take melatonin at home like it's candy but it can make you have more nightmares more vivid dreams.

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