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Wow. Today was accidents backups. And what did you say clip it? Did you see a sinkhole on Hubbard street Hubbard? That's right over here. Scott Scott, Santa's on the political the cartoons to be on you. And I both heard that correctly. Yes. It's dark time seductive time, we go hop down in it right now, we want I don't want to it's Hubbard and what? Hobart between Clark and LaSalle. That's right over by here. We going to go to mother Hubbard's later. That's not too far from there. Yeah. Oh, dear. We're not gonna mother bottle and jumping the sinkhole. Oh my goodness today. I mean how much is sinking? It's it's been debated. Whether it's called the large pothole or. That surface area. Total the fluctuating number got a car. It's a sinkhole. Right. I mean, there are a lot of potholes around Chicago, which might qualify as well. This is like this seems like a mother pothole. Ooh. A mother pothole. I need to do segments called mother panel. Send us pictures of the biggest pothole even countered Irving park road is a disaster. You have to slalom down the street. I I had Mark decarlo in any Alvarez in my car and Mark turned his wife, and he goes pay attention. How patties deftly avoiding all those massive potholes. But there's a sinkhole. That's that's massive that seems significant different thing. Yeah. Like, it's got a gravitational pull almost. Yes. See these are the things that we worried about her demons emerging from a check every heard no word yet charge their judge down here. He yeah. Now, man, no. There was an article I saw about how they determine which streets to approach and and and decide whether or not. They're gonna fill the potholes say. And I don't know. I think you have to also contact your alderman's office. Call three one one and say, hey, you know, he'll make them come out and determine whether or not it is a sinkhole. I call it. It's a sinkhole on urban park road. Maybe they get there faster. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It's just branding. We'll be right. It's album branding. That's exactly what we were going to the airport. The other day, we're taking our dragging a little, you know, suitcase. We really things across Wabash bridge. Have you done this? Oh, you can lose a dog in this. Yeah. They gaps are the bridge tolls. What does it cost sidewalk is that still pothole? The big gaps of pavement holders holes in the pavement on the bridge. Yeah. So you can look down at the river. Not quite okay. Just just about it's an annoyance. Well, you know this bridge over here Columbus it goes. It turns into Fairbanks on the other side of the river. You can't walk on that bridge. At least I think previously. I think they repaved it. But it had it was great. So if you had any shoes at any sort of any he'll at all even men's dress shoes, you get caught in the greats going on downtown trucks. Get you. It's all booby-trap is all it'll be trapped. It's all all comes back to I have to say, it was fun hanging out with you again, the mincing rascals, of course, now available anywhere. You listen to podcasts hosted by John Williams. I got there late, and I have to tell you. Why? No, I was on time. I pull I got in front of this building at eleven o'clock. We have until see Bertrand wraps up his news when Steve is doing weather, then I know I'm late. That's when I know I I'm not gonna make at time. Right. So I pull into the parking lot where we all have a lot of us have parking passes. And I've struggled before because during the daytime it is significantly different than when I get here at night. And I pull a newest bought and I'm fine. There was there were not only were there. No spots. There were three other cars with all circling. We would there's not enough room you've been in that parking garage. There's not enough room to pass each other. Like a few weeks ago? I had to park in a part of this sort of walled off area of the parking garage. And I was in such a hurry. I didn't even keep track of where it was I had to get off at like four and five later find my way down a ramp and around a corner where they also store some of the party buses in this area. And I wasn't even sure if it was a legal spot, I just kind of left it there. Cross my fingers today. There was not even that was left and I had eventually I saw guy walked to his car. Do that trolling thing. You do use rural behind somebody going your car to car. Now. Are you going to? And that following car. And he he got this teeny know those like, what are they called the little micro car? Oh, no. And he was parked in a spot. That was not. I don't think it was actually a spot because it had pipes on one side, and you know, one of the pillars and it wasn't designated. There are no lines. But it didn't say no parking. So I got on my car, and I closed my the side mirrors. I folded them in. Yeah. I wedged myself this, and I and I was sweating too. I was like. You go to the door open. I had that was the thing to I had to get out of passenger side because I was able to put forward in front of the pillar. So there was there. Yeah. Always fun across the skylight. Why do I haven't? I don't have a rumor I don't have a member you'd know. He would think. I don't use. No use that. My mother has one in her pitiful accord, and I borrow her car all the time. That's us a nice. I mean, I can understand it like during the polar. Why would you not use us on roof for me? It's this. It's a hair blown all over the place. I don't know. I like sunroof Salah. I I don't have my car. But I like them a lot during the summer. But yes, you're right. If I have my hair done, then absolutely not that's going to be closed. Yeah. Exactly. Convertible for in Geneva hated it. I think that maybe it was a convertible. Now. So. All right now. I get what what I agree. Yeah. Within the charge could get you much easier. This is true. The seven zero eight says Kogyo is getting ready to celebrate sinkhole denial after this. Is.

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