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Jersey's most listened to station. New Jersey one at one point five news starts now. It's seven o'clock on Matthew white topping our report this hour after thirty eight hours of hearings across seven days in increasingly frustrated legislative oversight panel is unable to answer. A basic question about the hiring of a campaign and transition official accused of sexual assault is chief of staff at the school development authority who approved of it in Haines who was director of personnel for the transition says Al Alvarez informed, her just before Phil Murphy became governor. What his job would be for the administration. He said they're sending me over to FDA to be the chief of staff. Hanes us know who they are. Or who interviewed Alvarez she assumes one of three people who decided on all hires it signed off Pete camera. No, Matt plaque or Jose Lozano all of whom testified they did not hire him. Here's how Lozano described the higher last month to assemblywoman Eliana Pinter Maron who tells you have Israel Alvarez was going to be the. S T as chief of staff, Mr. operas at the state house. Michael Simon's, New Jersey, one point five news and Murphy says a probe he ordered into how is administration dealt with those allegations revealed hard truths Matty agrees with corrective actions, it recommends the woman who brought the sexual assault allegations. Katie Brennan, just put out a statement responding to today's ruling, and the hearings thing it's clear from the report that there was a lack of accountability and effective policies and procedures to address a glaring personnel problem in the transition. She says what yesterday's clarifications entities report. Miss is the gross misuse of confidentiality. There's increasing concerns about costly weather disasters on a conference call today. Scientists from Noah at twenty eighteen was the fourth warmest year on record the other warmest years, of course, twenty sixteen that was the one you're ever followed a twenty seventeen and twenty fifteen scientists aren't says it's linked to disastrous weather events around the world. These fourteen events word ninety one billion dollars. That's also the fourth largest total of the record the next five years. They say are expected to be much hotter. Maybe even record breaking breaking family dog helped chase off a home. Burglar in Burlington county police say a girl in Florence township went to check out a basement noise on Monday night, she found a man had broken in the two struggled until her dog went after the suspect. The girl ran to a neighbor's.

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