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So you know i had really learned that on the fly but the reason i was i think i felt like i could dominate the game of my legs were involved whatever's basis or on defense if i concentrated well i could really have an edge and so i voted in that way of course the hard part was getting we all know but if i get hit today with a shift on my god we didn't put the shift on you back then bob there's no way it would have been a whole bunch of four hundred hitters but bobby doing your day your time with the cubs you was part of a of a duo that it was called the daily double the daily double of course it was go to the horse track and the daily double is your first day so he looked at rhino i guess a couple of horses we are typically we want yeah so he created that whole thing you know that era of course we all know you know things are a little more buttoned up today i don't know harry could could be i don't think he could do today some of his one liners i don't think would have made it so you know but that was all part of the joy wrigley field in wrigley really was not much bill you remember this kind of attention you know in the early eighties and certainly in maybe late in the seventies they were really a eastern religion team that if you were really i mean we expected to beat chicago pretty handily eighty four that'll change because it was you know there was a lot of guys remember we have ron say been through the larry bowa one of the things we had fergie on as a special guest earlier and we always talk about guys you win to talk to you know you talked about pete rose and schmidt and gary matthews as a leader as you got older did you kind of mentor younger outfielders when they came up in some of the things.

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