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It's free talk five. Six zero three two eight three six one. Six zero is the the of mind with you tonight. It's alright and bonnie and we're talking about militias here and then we got distracted with this nonsense about basketball on twitter because that's where you'll really see some stupidity which you want to see and of course. I do love looking as deputy from the outside but while we doing that. I felt courageous. Decided to search twitter for triple mask. N- disappointed. there are plenty of people who have already started wearing triple have and do you think you. It means they care three times as much exactly. Money explains rather well as you found then was the one who suggested searching for double masking the first place and as he points out on his twitter at vin armani. He says that double masking is a thing. Helps you understand that you're dealing with a religious phenomenon. When masks become mandated as they are in a lot of the united states right now and elsewhere in the world wearing the mask is no longer a signal of church of woke membership. Therefore the second mask must be added to signal willing participation and indeed. When you see the people with the double masks what you'll see a lot of cases is that they will purposely wear contrasting masks so they'll have like a white mask and then oversaw or over top of a black mask or vice versa or something like that that way you know that. They're wearing masks. It clear right because if they were wearing the exact same type of mask you'd have to look carefully. You'd have to really look at them to see if they were wearing masks may not know how much they care right. So it's important for them to signal that and yeah so this person on twitter says i can't believe some of y'all aren't triple masking yes and this is serious right. These are people being totally serious. I've always been double masking sometimes. Even triple masking. I prefer no masking. I bet they weren't about. They've just been doing massgov. I've always been triple asking. It's it's distressing but we are covering good news at the moment or at least refreshing news. That isn't about crazy people. It's about people actually fighting for their rights and therefore the people at the los angeles times think that's crazy. Well of course they do but they also think that you know wearing three layers of fabric over your faces. A good idea for politician said so so therefore it must be true and some experts. According to this person on twitter said so Do you want to continue with the ammon. Bundy absolutely going on there so listeners Just tuning in. We're talking about an bundy's new organization and new. As of the last year it he created it. I think in march of twenty twenty called people's rights the website is people's rights dot. Org to the los angeles times credit. They did link to his website. So that was nice So but now they've everything they can to bad mouth him Since that point but They're talking about how this organization has chapters all across the united states now he is claiming as many as fifty thousand members of this group and the idea is that it's a group of people. Maybe they don't all agree on everything but they will come together to the defense sort of the mutual defense of other people in their network when called upon and we sort of liken this to sell four one one which is an app that does similar things that hopefully. We'll have some good news for you about later on this week but Just to bring you up to speed here so back to the story here from the los angeles times talking about some of the activism that they've done over the last year like going to the boise mayor's house and protesting outside carrying torches and there were a couple dozen demonstrators out there not wearing masks shouting to a city call for residents to report businesses for violating pandemic regulations. They also protested in the state house. Where bundy was twice arrested in two days there and is now banned from the capitol for year as a result. About what about the rights of a citizen to petition. You know there are senators representatives or whatever doesn't matter they'll ban you from wherever they want in fact. They banned footloose frank. Who was arrested at the governor's house from coming back within a thousand feet of the governor's house really. Yeah as part of his bail conditions. So i didn't hear that. In the next month boise area health board shut down. Its own meeting after a county. Commissioner tearfully interrupted the proceedings to say she had to rush home because people's rights demonstrators. Were harassing her. Family actually saw this clip. It's pretty entertaining. It's probably not them harassing her family. It's just them protesting outside. She says my twelve year old son is home alone right now and protesters are banging outside the door. She said when people didn't flip out there she left her twelve year old home alone. I mean i was staying home by myself. And i was twelve years old. But that's not acceptable in today's society. Staying at home at like seven was babysitting twelve. The interview last month held at a restaurant in emmett. Idaho where he lives wear masks are optional. And few people wear them bunny. Bundy defended his group's method. The government and society are deteriorating courts are unjust legislature tramp legislatures trample rights and families allow the state to educate and influence their children. We can't disagree with any of that. He's right people will need more and more to be able to find security. He said and he said protests could achieve results much faster than lawsuits citing a demonstration that his group staged at a june hospital or at last june at a hospital in olympia washington. Hospital officials at the time weren't allowing a couple to be with their newborn after the mother tested positive for the corona virus quote within an hour and a half. We had a couple of hundred people there at a couple of thousand people coming. Once the hospital started to see there was literally a presence of people. They retracted their position. Blamed it on the government's health department and released the baby to the parents angela. Effective yep a providence saint. Peter hospital spokeswoman disputed the accuracy of bundy's account but said that the patient confidentiality prevented her from discussing. The case asked whether hospital staff members were given a chance to explain their reasoning for isolating. The baby bundy said no. He said you don't get to take somebody's baby and thank you. Have a side of justice. It was black and white last month at the hospital protests in vancouver washington kelly stuart the people's rights coordinator for the area narrated a livestream video on bundy's youtube account that ultimately attracted more than seventy thousand views. The videos of protests are trying to pry open the locked double doors and a deputy spraying chemical irritant in his face. The protesters cheered when the hospital released. Meyer whose tearful daughter wheeled her out and helped her into a van freedom. A man yelled stewart along time. Bundy compatriot berated law enforcement for siding with the hospital. Instead of the protesters she said that right wing activists who joined back the blue rallies last summer and waved american flags with blue lines had been duped quote. We're starting to learn your actually the standing army. Our founders warned us against there just dangerous tired. She said we're having a blue line flag burning party tonight bravo. Oh better late than never for sure. I love the say. Credit to richard reid. The author here. That's a great way to end that story. That stand that's the ending that they're going.

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