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That's absolutely incredible. My understanding is the even though we're we're what midway through march at this point out. Today is the ides of march. Beware her either. My gosh how fitting now My understanding is is that we also have to beware of april because we can get some pretty intense storms in april as well. Oh no question. The april's our second snowiest month on average when you look back and april can deliver is well. March typically has the biggest storm potential. But yeah april's it's not far behind. They can be even wetter and heavier with more power outage potential. But yeah april's coming something to look over to Snowfall totals in northern colorado. Estes park. I think very grateful for the two plus feet of snow. They got. yeah you know. It's really interesting when you look at the totals. We were thinking about a foot in greeley. You probably got a little bit more than that Fort collins potentially thirty inches and there were places in west fort collins. It certainly got that and then you work your way up into the horse tooth area. We're looking at three feet Three feet up towards Three or four feet. In fact red feather up towards pearl ridge road. Three to four feet wrapping all the way down through nederland on top indian peaks. Long speak three to four feet. All the way down into rollins ville in the heart of the denver metro area. Down i. twenty five. Two feet was a pretty common number. Yeah to be sure now. Here's the big question as we're all breaking. Our backs was several this heavy snow because oh we don't wanna fined by the snow the by the sidewalk police if we don't have snow cleared. I can't believe they're going to enforce that. Chris but Is there any chance now. Getting into what the low to mid thirties today any chance of any melting. Anytime soon. i think so. I think you know the soda angles. A little higher in large so we'll get some sun today and then the temperatures will be above freezing. I think by this afternoon at least for a few hours now. There is a small store magnitude. Smaller coming at us for tuesday afternoon tuesday night which will kind of brushes. We could get a dusting for bat. So that'll kind of slow down the melt but then after that exit by the time we get into thursday friday saturday. Looks like we could be in the fifties now. There is something to look forward to. Meanwhile back to estes park for electric. Oh this morning. I know you're very busy. And so appreciate your taking the time to keep us up to speed. Two feet of snow equals two inches of water. Is that correct. So i was taking a close look at this. That's an excellent question. Really one of the questions of the day because we felt this down is it a drought buster. How much rain you know. Would this equal or liquid as we call it so it looks like anywhere from two to four inches of liquid up there in the foothills. That is excellent. let's just say over the last fourteen months. We're running a deficit of about five or six inches up in the foothills. So this definitely makes up a lot of ground gale and you know even across the front range this is a million dollar moisture storm because we ended up with almost two and a half inches at liquid down here. Well the storm certainly slow to get here. And i'm sure you saw no shortage of snark texting on social media because people were like. Oh hey where's the storm but when it did get here at got here with a vengeance you guys nailed it. Yeah i think that's natural You know but I i was never. I was never worried. To be perfectly honest. I thought the upslope flow is just undeniable and it was just a matter sometimes..

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