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Look through the telescope. Look at the evidence, dare to look at the evidence. Yeah. And people refuse to look through the telescope. And he joked about it at one point, but I feel like people are so dug in. Yeah. Excuse me, people are so dug in. That they don't even want to look at the evidence. They just batted away. And I think, well, that's the thing. You're just asking people to keep an open mind. Just keep your mind open to what we're going to present here. That's what you can't prove God on in other words, God himself has to touch a person's heart. So there's a great mystery there. But you can try to understand the facts. It's kind of like if you study math or science or history, you just want to know what is. And I think people can become so entrenched that they don't want to know what is. They don't want to know the truth of the facts. That's bad. So I want to say to people, I try in the book to present it as fair mindedly as possible. I've discovered three or 5 ridiculous typos, which we have to change. I think I say something crazy like the diameter of Jupiter is 900,000 miles across. It's 90,000 miles across. I think I say something that Pluto has no moons, technically, that's not true. There's a couple of things like that in there, but we're going to fix them in the second duration. But none of that will affect the basics as you'll see. But I say that just so that we know when you're rushing a book to print, you miss stuff like this, but I just think the evidence is so overwhelming that I want at least people of faith to acquaint themselves with these facts. Because it is, it's overwhelming and almost nobody knows this. So I'm a popularizer. I put the stuff in a book to make it easy for your average reader, you know, you don't have to read the books that I read, but you can at least grasp the basics. And I'm telling you, we're living in exciting times right now. This is very exciting that this knowledge has not been known on a popular level. Yeah, you know what? And I don't think this is in the book. I haven't gotten to everything. I'm a few pages from the end believe it or not, but John Paul, sorry. His dying word apparently recorded by a guy named Pierre Victor. He said this. This is amazing from sar. He said, I do not feel that I am a product of chance, a speck of dust in the universe, but someone who was expected prepared prefigured in short of being whom only a creator could put here and this idea of a creating hand refers to God. And that's amazing. Those worn is dying words, but they were near when he was near death and he wanted to write this down to make it clear. Yes. That this wasn't the doddering, ravings of an old man, but that he had thought this through. But it's more dramatic than I even remembered. When you just read it right now, I thought, that's Jean-Paul Sartre. Yes. Like the idea that he who was this arch atheist philosopher that he wrote this and it made his atheist Friends very angry. Oh, we're going to.

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