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You'll have time be alive of nine hundred people. We bring about sixty seventy celebs join us. And it's a night. They don't forget. I'm Nick Sabin wrote me the most unbelievable letter after he was one of our honored guests about how he and his wife Terri in what he did to a proud to tell you this it touch me so much he wrote a beautiful letter. And he put it in. It's not a whole lot. But this is my little gift after that night. I was so. Touched by those kids who introduced cancer survivors. And they started checking his wife for fifty thousand on my goodness. Yep. Yep. They don't see that side of somebody's guys. If I told you what Calipari and all these guys have given over the years. It's unbelievable. And there's a their fathers their grandparents their people, they're real they. Let's just coaches you see on with sidelight trying to win a game. Dick have ought to before you go. I I could talk about this. And I hope you'll come back, and I would like to spend some time talking about your life in career. But we've already talked about what happened last night in Lexington. You you obviously pretty good seat, especially the ending of the game. Well, you know, comed- Paul it's got to be a review situation right now. It's not reviewable for the referees. We say that this is going to replant cook the referees over the years, and let's not kid ourselves. When they're looking at that. They know they're not there at the review the player called they made there. There you go there for timing situation. So they're there to make sure to shot went off before the clock when off and the look of it, you could rest sure, they're also looking did we get it? Right. Do we make the right call? It was so close to call. The bull is on the cylinder. Obviously, you cannot touch that ball that ball was very close. It depends on the angle use. But I will say this. It should be a review -able situation. What a game on the line. There's no question that the referee should be allowed to review that dick many, congratulations. Thank you for honoring us, and we we really need to do this again when we can just sit around and and talk about the things that are important to you. And and really to everyone. Thank you so much. You're doing great job. I would simply say I got Paul five-mile. He's awesome, baby. When a Catholic, and you gotta to do just like me. I always great, dick. Thank you so much. Wow. What memories and what a great honor? And pleasure to have the great dick Fa'atau with this. What an important message as well. We have a long way to go before we wrap up on this program. We're coming right back. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Dennis Dodd from CBS sports. Joining us we've been talking about Mizzou and the bowl band. Now. What about Mizzou and fending off friends from the SEC what's going on here. Dennis Dodd joining us with the story. Dennis thanks for the time. Great to have you on and tell us more because. It's not unusual for outsiders to come in and poach people within the family. What's happening here? Yeah. No. I just kinda just happened. I was at a Missouri booster event yesterday here in Kansas City, really talked to area that's something else..

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