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That's what matters sometimes you gotta raise your voice to get the story told but when you're right you're right and we are right and congressman carson is wrong he's wrong but a funny thing happened on my twitter feed even sometimes from the trolls you see something and you're like well that's interesting that's interesting there were two trolls and and both for past comments and in their conversations i blocked right if you're going to be vile i just have no interest if you're going to disagree with me i'm totally fine one a troll who i have blocked said that short tony stark some s with congressman carson and then carson mentioned them an interview and cats run scared i didn't start anything congressman carson openly admits the relationship with louis farrakhan i noticed and i said something about it and the washington post reported on it and i said something about it and fox fifty nine reported on it and i said something about it and wish tv right here in indianapolis reported on it and i said something about it and so on and so on i have a whole piece of that details everything i've ever said about carson which is all based on things in the public record refute those things don't tell me i started something don't start nothing won't be nothing all i did was notice you want me to be ashamed of myself for noticing and the answer is no i will not do that the second one came from somebody who thought that you know the only reason we're talking about andre carson's because he's black no we're talking about andre carson because he meets with louis farrakhan in his hotel suite because he meets with louis farrakhan is part of the congressional black caucus because he thinks that louis farrakhan is something to offer when it comes to conversations about discrimination louis farrakhan is going to talk about discrimination oh well that's something but he made it racial from the word go and i said if if you if you point out to me the white people who are having relationships with louis farrakhan i'll say the same thing because when they have a relationship with richard spencer.

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