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If you write us like better dialogue with more like actual character development and background story <hes> that's always been his shortcoming is is dialogue and like emotion. It's torrero totally agree. Though you know we get into that ah look wealth into star this he's yet whenever luke wilson an own wilson are in any of his movies. It's fantastic to me. It's one of my favorite parts of his films and i i love him just in general he's just great <hes> and although maybe it's the thing that so many people say i do really like gwyneth paltrow and isn't it yeah. I really like her character. How she's directed. She might be an annoying effing woman. She's goodness moving. She's very good. They're separate yes. She's very annoying as a human very annoying ringling but and i guess it helps that she's very subdued subdued in this movie which so that doesn't really come through. No i mean does her personality. She's a good actress. She's a lot of other annoying things this. She did actress. You forget how knowing she is yeah so i do really like her in this and now how do you feel about the luke wilson gwyneth paltrow romance because she is the adopted cestari. I'd like to remind you that my parents are steps. It blinks. That's fair or now now. I'm the immediately just just curious because i figured it would come up at some point but i mean also to. The audience and my parents are barely step siblings. No leave me alone. They didn't grow up together a right but i mean it's not the worst thing in the world if you kalpa hoping again i'll bet you know what i mean. I'm sure i mean yeah and i i do like luke. Luke wilson owen wilson's character who have knowing they were related. It was very putting their face also seemed like they had very separate lives and they're not very affectionate. Schnitt families and also started an an- inappropriately young age which is a big. That's a real <hes> dealbreaker. I guess you could say eh lack of l. Quentin blake so it really didn't it didn't bother me a throw me off or seemed to <hes> crazy. I really like own wilson's character this kind of foil foil yeah this kind of over the top writer and i am also i love although it's a very small part of the movie i really liked the flashback to the luke wilson's tennis yeah yeah disaster amazing and ed's hashtag relatable honest yeah yeah for sure and i think one thing that wes anderson..

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