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Like, I would say that there's a certain Bishen and those kinds of things that I'd like to explore. But you know, this TV show thing is actually still kinda new. So we're kind of getting that settled. But once that stuff happens, I think these are the kinds of things that will be in a position to consider totally totally people did really enjoy the book club that it might be kind of fun to apply the same depth of the book club to another toxic given that we're not always going to be doing the book club, the book club can fill like a little bit more of a summer thing since we're able to get in really deep, but we are thinking of maybe potentially applying that idea to, you know, like an album more to, you know, films TV shows or something like that. Yeah. No. I think that's something that could be cool. Also, this is where we're like, I wouldn't say hamstrung. But since we do do this to towns of we want to give you a measure of consistency. But also try to bring other things in. So that's something that we could do we could only probably rotate him so many. But yeah, you know, I'm always down by good. Two other ones before we close this one out one person thought they want more rankings from you. They wanna hear you rank stuff, and that kind of folds into another segment, I that someone else had were they they would like recommendations from you. I think this folds into a previous idea that we've had about like playlist recommendations like maybe doing some sort of music playlists segment where you are giving out like, okay. Here's like a playlist that I've built out. Yeah. Maybe I'll tell you this. But whoever wants to rankings find who that is why can block them. I can't think anything. Yeah. They do just scream at you for. I can't think of anything less attractive than that idea. Well that concludes it for or deep dive into this. She ate all the suggestions for that one. Except for that one on the rankings boated. None appreciate that one. But I will give ample time to each one of them as we try to make the show veteran twenty nineteen. Thank you for taking the time to contribute. I was shocked. I mean, if you were willing to respond ladies gentlemen, thanks for joining us here on the right dumb thing..

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