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Rosie Ruiz was running out of allies yet. Despite his own public doubts still agreed to help release because no one else would. The two of them held another press conference on April. Twenty fourth to address the new allegations ruis angrily faced down a crowd of skeptical reporters and once again denied the cheated. She declared that she would ultimately be proven. Innocent and at the skepticism was only based around the fact that she was an unknown if no one remembered her racing alongside them it was simply because they didn't recognize her going further. Ruiz took the opportunity to blast the unfair treatment that she and other women runners faced in terms of race organization and press coverage. She also argued that whether proven guilty or not. The controversy around her marathon win might have the effect of increasing coverage of female runners. In general as the reporter's questions in volume tears ran down. Ruiz's face Steve Merrick placed his hand on her shoulder as she grip the podium shakily and lamented the fact that she was only able to enjoy her own marathon victory for a moment before the controversy began ruis is emotional breakdown was met with further skepticism from reporters and derision from other runners who had little sympathy for cheater even as she passionately defended herself things. Were getting worse for Ruis. Although the investigation was still not yet complete the New York marathon race organizer Fred. Lebeau told reporters that he was convinced that Rosie Ruiz had not run either marathon. A decision on her disqualification was imminent. The Boston Athletic Association announced that a decision on Ruiz's victory would be handed down by the end of the week. All signs pointed to the victory being voided. Jacqueline Gero famed Canadian runner and second-place Finisher in the Boston. Marathon flew back down from Canada to Massachusetts on Thursday. She expected to be retroactively crowned. The marathon winner on Friday and was scheduled celebrate Tori interview on local TV that night race director will colonie had a decision to make. Investigation was entirely in his hands while he felt as though he had enough evidence to convincingly. Say That we're we didn't run the race. It wasn't quite as conclusive as he would've liked drawing from his past career as a military lawyer. Clooney didn't feel comfortable with a case. That wasn't a slam dunk so he decided to hold off on presenting the evidence to the Board of Governors of the Boston Athletic Association until he had a report from the official race photographers who were pouring over. Tens of thousands of race photographs. If by some bizarre circumstance released actually had run the race. The report from the photographers might finally offer some evidence of that. If she hadn't their report would be the final nail in the coffin against her late on Thursday night New York Marathon race director. Fred Lebeau called Colonie and offered to take him off the hook by first disqualifying release from the New York. Grace being disqualified from New York would retroactively maker. We's ineligible to run in Boston. Thus taking away the victory without cloning needing to prove that she had cheated cloney refused the New York directors offer. He wanted to have conclusive proof and make a strong decision for the good of the race and the sport early Friday morning. Clooney announced that no decision would come until Monday. A frustrated and angry Jacqueline Garo once again flew back to Canada to replace her in the studio the local. Tv Channel invited Rosie. Louise once again released Garros rightful place in the spotlight. A hopeful Rosie. Ruiz travel back to Boston on Friday morning. With Steve Merrick. Still at her side Clooney's announcement had given her a sense of optimism. She hadn't felt since winning the race itself. It was possible that she'd be exonerated and her victory could stand in front of the Bright Studio Lights and TV cameras. Ruis once again pleaded her case she casually offered to take a lie detector test though she also hedged her beds by saying polygraph wouldn't prove anything concrete one of the TV hosts asked Ruiz's directly if she truly thought she actually ran the race. Or if she had any doubts Ruiz's confidently answered that she had no doubts. She didn't announced that she would prove her own running ability by participating in a ten K. In New York City three months later in July organized by Steve Merrick on Friday night news came in from New York City. The director of the New York Marathon announced that thorough examination of the video evidence concluded that Ruis had not run the marathon. Victory was therefore officially voided while the voided finish in New York technically disqualified Ruiz from the Boston Marathon. The Boston Athletic Association made no official announcement. Either way on Friday night. This was an unprecedented situation. And there were no strict disqualification rules between the New York and Boston marathons. Steve merrick returned to New York leaving release alone in Boston. She stayed alone in her hotel room through the weekend. Anxiously awaiting a ruling from the Boston Athletic Association on Sunday. Will Colonie received his report from the official race photographers. They had examined over ten thousand photographs taken at a checkpoint a mile before the finish line and discovered no evidence that Ruis ever passed it. It was the nail in the coffin. He needed on Monday morning. Ruis received a phone call from. Clooney wanted to meet her a second time. This time he came bearing news. It was time for Rosie Ruis to face the music when we come back the investigations of Rosier. Louise calm to a close now. Back to the story. It had only been one week since twenty six year. Old Rosie Ruis had shocked the world by winning the Boston Marathon but those seven days had felt like a lifetime to release who faced immediate scrutiny from reporters fans and other runners who believed correctly that Ruis had cheated on the evening of April Twenty Eighth Nineteen Eighty. Ruis met with Boston Marathon. Race director will clooney at her hotel. Clooney told her we's that he was ready to bring evidence to the Board of Governors for vote on her victory. He didn't mince words. They would likely vote to disqualify her and named Jaclyn. Garo the winner. Ruiz reportedly sobbed clooney. Felt sorry for her and tried to be comforting as he delivered the bad news despite all the facts against her. Ruiz still wouldn't admit she cheated. He gave her one last chance to provide any evidence that support her story. She gave clone the information of one other. Male runner whom she said could vouch for her. Clooney knew who the male runner was. He was the overall tenth place finisher finishing the race one hundred thirty places earlier than Ruiz. He wouldn't have been physically near her at any point during the marathon as kindly as he could only told her. We's that this final defense wouldn't help her. She was heartbroken. Realized there was no way she could stop the inevitable..

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