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Jason good afternoon to you. But we're talking about the quick lane bowl. Take place at five fifty tonight down at Ford field between Minnesota and Georgia Tech. It's kind of a homecoming a source for PJ flack, of course, he was the head coach of western Michigan before taking over for the golden gophers. I mentioned that's one of three on the other will be the cheese. It's bowl tonight around nine o'clock. They'll kick things off between Cal in TCU while the certapro first responders bowl currently underway. But it's in a weather delay right now, Boston College is trailing or leading Boise state rather up seven nothing in the first quarter. As for the lions are back at it today turning their attention to Sunday's game with the Packers to close out the season. And despite the game not helping either team to get into the playoffs. Packers. Interim head coach show. Philbin says the game not any less important than any other. Everything you do matters. You know, we try to tell the players every week. You know, your preparation matters. What you're doing the weight matters. What you're doing the training room matters. What you're doing the meeting room on the practice field and it correlates to the game to your performance. And I think when you start distinguishing this is important in that isn't thank you lose sight of you'll never get to where you really wanna be lying to coach. Matt Patricia echoing those statements today saying it's a huge game for the team. And they've got a lot of work to improve on also asked about the future of his offensive coordinator job cooter said he'd rather. Keep those talks in house in the focus on Green Bay. He did admit though, he's talked with management about his future. I'm pretty confident everything, you know, for me right now is just keep moving forward and getting ready for the game this weekend and meet like I said I mean with Mrs Ford every week. So they've been great, you know, her and her family been great in the pistons looking to snap a two game losing streak tonight..

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