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Will be back now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six CD W. C. B. M. and W. C. B. N. dot com good morning it's eleven thirty hi Michael Phil a fellow in the six eighty WCB Amerila news center with the headlines in the news this hour Maryland moving forward with the roadmap to recovery allowing restaurants to re open for outdoor dining tomorrow at five PM governor Hogan also allowing outdoor pools to reopen with twenty five percent capacity use sports day camps on the benches drive in movie theater also allowed to restart their operations the governor said if the trends continue the state could move into stage two of the recovery plan prince George's county fire officials report no injuries in the Brandywine house fire yesterday afternoon six residents exited the home before fire crews arrived a twenty two year old Gaithersburg man faces dozens of charges in Howard County Colin Woodrow taken into custody police recovered a stolen vehicle in Colombia and found credit and debit cards along with receipts for purchases made after the car was reported missing P. G. county with two additional places for virus testing the Veep stationing Clinton will open today and Six Flags America in upper Marlboro will be ready tomorrow both sites are free and no appointment is necessary an off duty police officer credited for saving the life of a man trapped inside his burning truck last night on I two seventy near to broaden democracy Boulevard the driver transported to a hospital for treatment the unidentified officer is known for having stopped before to help someone in need on the highway a corona virus outbreak forced the cancellation of St Mary's county public schools feedings programs today officials say the program will continue tomorrow after a deep cleaning and additional testing and the first African American seniors zookeeper at the Maryland zoo in Baltimore has died from the corona virus Mary J. Wilson was eighty three she began working at the zoo in nineteen sixty one she spent her entire career working with guerrillas cats and elephants in the mammal house Wilson retired in nineteen ninety nine W. CBS news time eleven thirty one will have a brief look at sports and your weather channel forecast is next.

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