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But that the increases could be that they're getting better at identifying more cases. Overall, the agency believes food poisoning rates have remained largely unchanged. The report is based on ten reports in ten states, but it's seen as a national trend indicator. It highlights the difficulty in understanding food poisoning. Because so many cases go unreported diagnostic methods are inconsistent and production, practices and eating habits are constantly changing. The CDC says it's still working to confirm. How many increases in food poisoning cases can be chalked up to a new diagnostic method. It noted some results of a newer faster. Test could be false positives. Moon rocks collected decades ago will be analyzed by a professor at the university of Tennessee. In Knoxville NASA calls the project the Apollo next generation sample analysis program. It's part of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine NASA kept the sample sealed hoping for better, research, technology, and wealth. That's happened. The rocks being analyzed right now where collected during the Apollo seventeen mission in one thousand nine hundred seventy two work begins next month when researchers will meet at NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas to determine how best to open the samples and transport them. Radio news. I'm Tim Maguire police and prosecutors in Sunnyvale California, say Iraq war veteran Isaiah people's intentionally targeted. The people hit with his car in the crosswalk believing. They might be Muslim.

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