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Lions Sunday coverage starting 9 a.m. on your home of the bears, Dave kerner and his radio one O 5 9, wbm. It's 7 18 traffic and weather together on the 8th. Here's Neil fiorito. Kind of a busy Friday morning Maya will start at will county along 55 where you're pretty heavy southbound about two miles or so before you get to the shorewood exit at U.S. 52, a stall box truck, the two left lanes are blocked with it along the tollways the Jane Adams I 90 really heavy westbound approaching raw 25 that is a crash of serious one too. Three right lanes are blocked and Elgin so you're just getting by in the left flame for right now again that's a long I 90 westbound right at route 25. Northwest Indiana pretty heavy 65 southbound past U.S. 30 to be 409th that's a crash blocking the right lane. Be sure to stay to your right to get by that area a little bit easier along the expressways so far so good on the edens and on the Kennedy in both directions. Eisenhower I two 90 looking good between the Jade Adams towaway and the Jane burn interchange. No big delays on the Steven said you're just a little slow inbound as you approach to Dan Ryan ramp. Again, will county I 55 heavy southbound before the shore would exit at U.S. 52, stahl box truck go there trying to get the two left lanes cleared away. On the Dan Ryan traffic looks pretty good, same with 57 and the Ford, no major issues on dusa Lake shore drive. Your next traffic report coming up at 7 28. News radio one O 5 9. Back to where the forecast for today, cloudy and turning chillier a couple of showers across northwest Indiana temperatures falling to near 40 and then remaining there through the afternoon

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