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Well, I offered to reimburse you if you didn't like it didn't know, I I'm a I'm a dice roller, man. Okay. So real quickly kinda came at the time. I was really getting back into conflict gaming like taking, you know, everyone takes that weird like blackout period or maybe didn't I used it in play for a little while. What have you what made you stop playing? I think looking college I kind of played a little bit. And then after college I was just poor like, honestly like sleeping on people's catches. My I moved LA just so like such vagrant. And then wouldn't we able to afford something like a PS two anyway about borderlands? I became a big halo player. So when halo was dry there have nothing coming out. I wanna shooter game. So just like picked up borderlands one. Yeah. I was like oh my God. I love it. I love the love it is. It was borderlands one was an amazing game. And then with borderlands two they just took everything I love about borderlands and made it incredible was more refined much more interesting the writing I mean, we'll probably get into that. Because like it's the funniest game layer. What the first one was just the style. Like, it's the first cell shaded first person. I've seen an awesome that RPG elements every time he shoots somebody. There's like action points. Yeah. What was that? Like to see I was I thought at first I was like kind of an eyesore. Not used to that those game. I kind of like really like played that was like that. And so it was really confusing to me. Yeah. Just kinda random rolls. And like, you know, comparing the attributes of the guns and stuff like that. I was like, whoa. This is a lot myself really kind of getting into and. Yeah. All the other games. I was playing this game like a summers where the tell me what one other game you're playing that. You're like, I don't have time for this. I libor. Definitely halo three. Yeah. Online competitive. I used to play every night, you know, way into it. Yeah. Interesting. Awesome. Okay. So you're playing this and then borderlands two came out. And you're just like, okay. Just the stories that much different is at the voice acting like what was that? You're like this is the first one man, I would kind of well, you kind of nailed the the story was so it's not like a clean linear story. I'm not sure if I could tell you really what it's about. Yeah. But it's so funny info weird in filling it the very fact villa game in very surreal. It's all the notes I love I'm big David Lynch fan. When she and Opoku. Only. I just want to spend time the world building in those games. I guess it's gearbox, right? Such a good job. It's really doing that. In a Berlin to it was it was just more immersive. It was more PG the guns were much better. Yeah. I thought the level cooler the graphics and the graphics were like better. But it wasn't like a huge in the first borderlands. You're basically just in the same kind of landscape the entire exact steps up. So now, you're in you're in the desert snow you're in the mountains. Like, oh, yeah. It's it's just much more varied. And then for I think for me the big change. The borderlands story is pretty simple. And there's one to us at the end. The board land story too is way more complex. There's way more characters. They were like, let's make a movie, and then let's make it a very fun game. Exactly. It's such a baller game..

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