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John snow the king of the north i liked that side of it i guess we should have a disclaimer i dunno because maybe there are some people who watch game of thrones and they're listening to you think andy were supposed to say spoiler alert before we dealer spoiler spoiler alert everybody listening spoiler alert okay so what do you think of what are you well first of all this now this war on the king of the north what do you think's gonna happen in the end is it all about john snow no i think arias going to make the big change because sharia nobody nasda now he's alive yes and cheese and she's getting revenge right i i think he might end up killing seriously oh well that would be that'd be good i think crises pretty evil pretty evil i think so too the other jamie lancaster why i mean what is up with jamie lancaster he is his controls i suppose by searcy right i printed out he was a i think he would die without her yeah i think so too so for people listening in this sounds like gobbledygook to them and we're not talking washington politics how would you i don't know what would you how'd you describe game of thrones it's such a complicated show and you know gated there are actual parts of the show that kind of resemble modern politics and the social climate there are i i i agree with you i think there are some similarities but there's it's weird is kind of like a fantasy slash the roro back to ancient times but not really i mean that's what it is hard to describe the to give somebody who has no clue about what we're talking about the issue like you have to read it to get it i think you do or get used to go back and watched the first seasons to understand it i kinda get lord of the rings vibes but with less fantasy yeah that's it that's probably better lord of the rings with less fantasy and more yen dums and conquering kingdoms yes like historical there is like this weird historical element to it all right so that's gave a throws we didn't give away anything you think serious he's gone.

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