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One of our personal favorites. Go ahead, headed. Hit the bit hit whenever you want to hit. I'm so sorry, guys. I'm so sorry. Listen after after the after we recorded the 10 minute fight, I'm afraid to ever say anything to you again. No, no, no, that was I am so sorry. You should never be afraid of me that released the fight. Lot of things. I want us to release the fight. Speaking of this, centrally, Snyder get released it in black and white. Oh, Speaking of Zack Snyder, Cut. How was it? Oh, did it was amazing. The fans were incredible and like, so gracious, and I've never like you know me What I love about fans is like their passion and their drive, and then they the sense of community and this is an entire community. People who rallied around something that literally an entire studio was like It's never going to happen. And they were like we're gonna weird We will put up billboards. We will fly planes like what do we need to do to convince you to do it? And then the craziness of the pandemic happen and they were like, I guess you can have it as a tree, and I really liked the movie. I was. I wasn't sure what I was going to expect. But I thought it was a lot of fun. It's like very polished and like, uh, this is a really cool experience to hang out with a bunch of really awesome people. There was Some surprises, which I won't spoil if you haven't had a chance to see the red carpet yet, But it was really great. Right on and really happy for you too Well, and and the movie was good. You like the movie? You said Yes, I did. Yes, it all for four hours. I'm gonna say all four hours in that member in seven seconds of it. I found enjoyable. Wow. Um, did you and you solve the query about whether it's in black and white or color this there's two releases you can choose. Yes. So you can watch Justices Gray. That's black and white version. The only difference is the color. Yeah, that I saw. I only got through the first few chapters of the great version will represent sure. But I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure it's the same movie. Now, Donald. Which one will you be selecting? I'm watching color man. I grew up in the color TV era. Remember, I had a black and white TV for a really long time. And when color came to life, it was like those kids when they walked into that room in Guanica Willy Wonka Chocolate factory, and it was full of candy. And this was a crap TV like we found it in, uh, in the, um in the Garbage compactor room and my dad was like I think it's a colour TV and we were like, OK, and he plugged it in. And it took, like, five minutes to finally turn. Hmm. Yeah, but But finally I got to watch Volt Tron and I was very surprised at how close I was to the color pattern. Volt trans lions, like I knew the colours were red, yellow, blue, green and black. But I didn't know which was which I didn't know which hand was green or right. And so I would always guests. And when I got the color TV finally I was like I was close. Yeah, yeah, I'm surprised you didn't compare it to the wizard Revised, which I just learned what the cowboy switch. I had no clue that when she goes from the sepia toned black and white to the like full colour That that's a cowboy switch. What do you mean? What do you mean? So they painted the house sepia toned. Right. They had her stand in open, you know, when she opens the door to her house after she gets caught up in the tornado, and then she wants to us so that is shot in color. It's just painted sepia tone. They made a sepia toned dress for the standing. They gave her like black and gray makeup. She opens the door steps off camera and then Judy Garland steps into camera in the full color dress and walks out into the real world Fact It blew my mind. I want again. Well, are you Are you a big Wizard of Oz fan? I love Wizard of odds. It's like one of the first movies. I can remember watching that I've been looking. I've been cleaning out my office and I stumbled across a great present. I didn't know who to give it to until this moment. What is happening? I have it. Um, well for the rainbow, I'll let you I'll let you do it. I'll let you do that. But I'll tell you right now, Apollo Theater somewhere over the rainbow has been sung so well and so bad. It goes home so that I totally lost track of what? I heard Apollo Theater And then what? So that song somewhere over the rainbow is always sung at Showtime at the Apollo, right. You ever watch your time at the Apollo? Of course. My classmate Lauren Hill was on long before she was famous and got almost booed off. So when you were talking about the guy almost came and got her with the hook. She made it through so sad. Your your, uh, Your gift that you're about to reveal to. Everyone reminded me of how many times somewhere over the rainbow is sung at the Apollo Showtime at the Apollo. I didn't know and go to It that one. And and I?.

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