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From Dorian is that is not going to hit as is not going to hit the Jersey Shore well Fridays will be for a little from those rights have highlight okay Friday yeah but you said it's not gonna be from Dorian well he said it was I didn't say no today's is not from Dorian Friday since he said Friday it's going to be in the area but it's not going to hit anybody all right okay. that's why he does that. the tail end of story yeah but anyway is supposed to be a high of seventy three would you be more like fall then summer which is today five eighty eight on telling the rain moves in there in afternoon drive we got it. and as you know it's back to school time. our. we have someone on the show's got all kinds of people in school three what three people in one school in Tampa yeah three kids are in Tampa and then my fourth one goes to Wesleyan University in Connecticut yeah it's baby Natalie right between us we have seven kids in college that's a lot of care you need the free money. so I would have been given out but Natalie yeah first of all he is a little forgetful like a lot of teenagers right yeah she's going to be and if you're going to major in art yes she's majoring in art. I got all her art supply is she when she left to go to school she took everything by art supplies that.

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