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A home in bridgeton. At least one person was killed. A little girl is critically hurt after police say her brother got a hold of a gun. It's every parent's nightmare a three year. Old lakeland florida boy accidentally shot his two year old sister after finding a gun that had been hidden between sofa cushions by a family friend. Who was visiting friday night to watch tv. Twenty-three-year-old kvant wilson told investigators. He plays the gun between the cushion so that it would be hidden from the children. He was arrested on charges of failing to safely store. A firearm carrying a concealed firearm and possession of marijuana and could face other counts after the shooting. The men in the home rusted drive to a hospital on their way. They got into a crash with another vehicle causing several injuries seiichi address. Oh fox news. A talented athlete. Who used to play basketball michigan. State is now wanted in a deadly shooting police in detroit. Say keith appling. Got into an argument with a man last night that escalated into a physical fight. Police say appaling than shot the man and fled the scene. The twenty nine year old played from michigan state from twenty ten to twenty fourteen. He then had to brief contracts with the orlando magic the national guards mission at the. Us capitol complex ends today. The twenty one hundred troops still in washington will be returning to their home states. Those based in dc. We'll be returning to normal operations at one point about twenty six thousand national guard members deployed the washington in the aftermath of the january six attack on the capital cost of nearly five hundred million dollars. Fox's jared halpern tropical storm. Anna is expected to dissipate by tomorrow. The first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season brought rain and wind to bermuda. I'm tamped himself and this is fox news when you're running a business. 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Fox that stamps dot com code fox. Here's a look at weather from the heartland news weather center wednesday mostly sunny with a high near sixty one wednesday night clear with a low around thirty nine thursday sunny with a high near sixty five. That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed dot com. Welcome into tomorrow with dave grave. Line the interactive radio network program with the latest in high tech products and services and the experts. Who bring them to you. This is into tomorrow. Here's dave gray line. It's the into tomorrow. Broadcast for the weekend of friday may twenty first twenty twenty one during our twenty six year bringing you the latest in cool consumer tech available today and into tomorrow and the announcer guy said. I'm dave line. So though i don't sound like me i am. I am chris line. you do sound like you. Who am i really. Yeah you know as much reading up as i've been doing And you trust me. If you have some sort of melody we really don't wanna be hanging out on web. Md or googling everything. It's just not fun but by the same token you wanna learn more so you try to read up more. And that i learned that the vocal cord najah have polyp whatever usually occur if it's not from Screaming like at a sporting event. Or something where you can do damage or actual damage to your throat and an accident or something of that nature. Then it's most likely caused get this by a viral infection. You haven't had any of those. Have you know. No no no the rona of course yeah is a viral infection and here i was with three or four different doctors now from different things from pulmonologist to the diabetes doctors. Just you know these ear nose and throat specialist et cetera. Have all been saying it's a post covid thing and i'm so come on. You're you're blaming. Covert on everything. I mean it kind of makes sense for you know. No no wonder why we can't give you antibiotics. It's not going to help. It's a viral infection. Covert maybe fat. you know. now that's not true true so don't even go there because you can't get a prescription for that fine. Whatever happened here. Power walking yeah. Pizza made you fat and beer and other stuff but you are power walking on you. Lost a bunch of poundage. But then i found them concerned in the park that used to walk. Yeah terrific did. I mention that This is into tomorrow. We've got some tech news and commentary and then back to your calls next week. We have a big announcement. Is it next week two weeks and two weeks. What he kind of. June fourth l. k. Low the wanna stay tuned. the okay. that's the weekend after my surgery for the vocal chords very very quiet. Yes no whispering. I didn't think whispering would be a problem. It's whispering is bad for your vocal. Did you know that. I did not until your doctor said. Yeah so i have to be well even whisper. I have to be completely silent. Good luck with that everyone. Well i have to curses already making fun of me because he suggesting i use bandaids or gaffer's tape across my mouth. I may have to. Because i'm tempted to speak all the time co figure i'm gonna talk show host at what i do. It's just what i haven't been doing lately for three and a half months because of this voice issue. But it's the weekend of the surgery so i have to be quiet but we're doing the show the day before so you'll hear the show. Hopefully the last time. I'll be sounding like this and then the next week. We have a big announcement. But it's the best of so you want tune into the best of right. I think week before. You're all confused. Basically stay tuned because especially on the weekend of june fourth. You'll want to hear the show. Okay i don't know anymore but we do have tech news. we do. Colonial pipeline ceo. Joseph blount has confirmed that his company did in fact pay four point four million dollars to the hackers responsible for the ransomware attack. Them pipeline yikes earlier reporting. Estimated colonial pipeline. Paid a ransom of nearly five million news. That was surprising. Not for the amount of money that was paid but because paying ransoms stick cybercriminals is frowned upon by almost every law enforcement agency was probably a surprise to hackers. Yeah because they said we didn't get five million. We only got four point four million. Who's cheating us now. The situation with colonial pipeline was further complicated by the fact that the colonial pipeline company itself was responsible for the shutdown. What yeah oh my god. How did that happen. Blount tells the people that the the operational systems weren't directly impacted but it shut down the critical energy infrastructure so that it could determine how far hackers reached into its system. Oh so it didn't so the has it self did not shut down the pipeline. They shut the pipeline down so they can figure out how far the hackers got into their system which was unfortunately probably the safe thing to do so. It wasn't indirect result of the hack but not a direct result home. Mike guy but i was shocked when i actually did pay the ransom. Got me too because whatever happened to. We don't negotiate with terrorists and and that sort of thing. I mean i get it. It's a good thing. I guess in the long run that they did because now the got oil and gas running through it now has now. It'll be another reason for gas prices to go up. Oh of course. We've got to repay that. Four point four million dollars that they paid. Yeah and you think we don't they do. We'll get well who's paying them prices. Yes exactly un believable. What can i say. Disney added fewer than expected disney plus subscribers as their revenue fell short again adding only eight point seven million disney plus subscribers in its fiscal second quarter and its parks segment logged and operating loss as the company faces an economy trying to emerge from the covid pandemic disney's fifteen billion dollars in revenue for the quarter fell short of expectations and it's one hundred three million streaming subscribers missed estimates analysis projected that the company would report almost sixteen billion dollars in revenue. They also expected the company to report one hundred nine million streaming subscribers instead. It was one hundred and three still disney's direct to consumer business delivered revenue four billion up fifty nine percent from the same quarter a year ago. Disney's linear networks unit which includes of course espn and the networks abc was down four percent from a year ago at only six point. Seven billion dollars. Only i feel so sorry for the mouse. But at least their parts are reopening. Yeah have reopened so as we started telling you last hour this past week dougal had their big i o conference of course this one was virtual and they that will be back in person. Next year wasn't so big. Ben was one of the other things they they announced that they demonstrated this new project star line. The season high resolution cameras and depth sensors to sort of create a real time. Three d model of a person who is in way sitting across from you to recreate the feeling of having a face to face meetings so oh please rate yeah you want to recreate. And what is that. Called project starlight. I'll be sure to jump right. On that google photos they announced will be able to make animated photos from still shots now. That could be kind of cool us to photos to create a moving image. Google has also adding new types of memories including ones based on visual patterns in your photos speaking of photos into and funny things up. What was it that you were showing me the other day that you did. When you and cameron and i went to yellowstone park and we were in front of wh- at the grand tetons or something of snow covered mountains and it has doing some funny song this app. I discovered called avatar. Affi- advocate tarifi. And it's it's it's rare. That i sit down and i just have an app sitting play with ours but i was doing this and it was making me. Ll with some of the stuff. It doesn't take photos of with faces. Animate them to different things you know. I still haven't had anyone like my not only one. But i put that up now to Post on what the heck is it called. I tell people stay off of tiktok. Yeah so if you want to see the thing we're talking about. I think i put it on tiktok i know i put the robot In the hollywood. Florida restaurant that delivered our food the other night i put that up. I think i'll put this up too but yeah other announcements from google. They included adding a feature in google photos to let you store photos and a password protected space on your phone. These photos one appear when you're scrolling in the app. Of course iowa seventy had that well android had it too but it was a secure folder. It's sounds like the same thing but maybe this is a little easier now. Why on earth. You wouldn't want anyone to see a photo or two or three or could be a photo that you've taken specifically for your significant other okay. We'll just leave it at that. Yeah yeah what else. They've also added away to change a stored password for website. Right from inside. Google password manager knows you no longer have to actually go to that site to change it. You can it from within google. The rolling that out gradually to chrome on android in the us and it'll be widely available in the coming months. Okay we'll stay tuned because we got lots more from the google. I o conference. That happened this week. We'll share with you. Not only on the air. But we've got a complete listing of all kinds of goodies and more detail when you visit us at into tomorrow. Dot com speaking of google. Google and elon musk's spacex have joined up. They have plans to locate starlink ground stations in some various google data centers saying they aim to deliver reliable low. Latency internet service with google cloud network. So they got together had little marriage. I guess we also talked about tiktok. They've revamped their safety center in published. The guardians guide a resource that breaks down. How the app works. Outlines best practices for keeping user's safe. It's aimed at parents and caregivers in describes features like family pairing which lets gardens manage a teens account including setting up restrictions on screen time search and direct messages. The tick tock. Safety center has also rolled out a lineup of fresh articles about privacy security and bullying the bullying. Prevention guide is a new resource that tiktok content advisory council developed. It offers tips on identifying bullying behavior ways to prevent harassment on the platform.

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