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Do. What is some shit? I would do you know so i? I'm glad that. I'm glad that he's being honest. I could give two shits last though because you don't fuck about me, so we're good. When everybody's saying, listen, he has nothing to worry about. He's wealthy and in this society we have wealth you access to healthcare. Yeah, that's not really what's going on. Because then you know once you get sick. People Start fucking what you and the truth. You're not I mean so what? Would you give them as a loving lady? Judge lady read couture. To be honest with you. Take your meds and. Ask a bunch of people to forgive Yo crazy ass. Villa Straits to me the situation that he faces as an HIV positive person. Caitlyn Jenner as transgender. Media, personality is that they're both very isolated from the community, the capital community, the Lgbtq community, and so they're having to ask these questions that the rest of us who are connected seem to take for granted and sort of makes me really appreciative of the community that we've built for ourselves and the last thirty forty years. Yes, those are people with money. Let's talk about some people who broke. I don't know any celebrities are poor. I do. Know what you mean Johnny McGovern. Celebrities Senator Celebrity all. Public stupid I'm telling you right now. motherfucking gay celebrity. Guy Big Butts girl. She's working okay. All money I promise. I want to emphasize on. People's like you know. Hey, queen and judge later read it. It's a miracle of God. That series exist at all. Really. It. Is. to friends have a good time five dislike. We're going to create something so this world and we pray that it pays us back and slowly, but surely is paying us that in order me now if people want to support your Indie Gogo Campaign for your new album, where can they go to do that? Up to it. To. Nice Shit like if they support you. They get like a phone. Call from you. is I. Do I'm going to do the skype pain which allow? pay today because Johnny was like. We're going to do a skype interview with the fun. I was like Yay then. I got painting. He said it's a phone call. I said bit one so sorry. Pitcher. Good idea. At the beginning of the month we do for all our like high donors. WE DO A. Google, hangout. You Pitch Your Indigo though campaign for them. Are you kidding me? Good media is all about media. A bad good is all about you know what I'm saying. The only time I get worried as people start talking about my fat ass, so yes, let's do that from my mouth to the audiences ears. You are a gem of person and I had no I was not prepared for how much I would love you after. Form. It's one thing to see you in the videos which you're just charming be. Fuck but onstage and person in the flesh I just I just WanNa give my best at all times God gave me a lot of talent. I play the organ. Play the piano I. Sing in several different keys. Over talented, so I want to be able to use everything the only thing I won't do is sex team. There's always time for that list. I can't do a sex tape. I don't need. The whole room goes dark when I pull Michelle. Lady read couture. Verdict. Is that your fabulous? Thank you, though what I love love. If you're, we're trying to get you here to Chicago or begging every bar to bring y'all pleased to talk to excalibur fellow honey. I'll hop in my time machine and travel back in time. Who is still to? Have, you come here, you Giannini to come together and. Work on something that meat lovers and Vegetarians will enjoy. When he wants to cook for you besides I mean fried. Chicken's obvious answer, but so the more some something more so a bit of a surprise. Surprise. All the meets. All the animals make ribs. Yes certainly aren't all of the Antonio. Please do not be wasting and shit honey. Preparation is preservation what you mean. That's eight the whole animal. Cheese steak old sounds wonderful. Yes, honey, we can cook the peppers Fulham out. Love you also? I will do that. Yes, I will. My Sweetie. By, I'll take care and have great sex for me all right well. I just won't be thinking about you. Please don't please. Perogatives you ready.

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