NFL, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Mcmahon discussed on Chicago's GameDay


Know what's going to happen now with the changes that have been made from an offensive standpoint you are offensive lineman now in the nfl off the tap your head how often did you of a rookie or you know ii era quarterback behind you and trubisky is technically secondyear but you know he had twelve starts or whatever last year can you think of any names are just a run number roughly uh how often were were you in front of they are rookie young inexperienced tied quarterback clean water uh in the time is that i was with with the club other system be invent seven uh who came in after you know after i pluses like rise to your church and the other was jim mcmahon um you let figures in you know a starters was like came into the game but you know in both of them you know a lot of different uh skill sets and things like that but uh both of them pretty pretty damn what are called survivors that's i think played about eighteen seasons some of our listeners are very mobile i wouldn't want to say you know other the only mobile quarterback of the era that's certainly not the first yet the fran tarkenton's at cetera avi gutless fabric douglas bennet what about a guy that what he got in trouble wasn't afraid the run out of nine hundred ninety and and events was terrific to generalised and that's always dangerous but you know the this era a then sevens or a jim mcmahon but in general across the league rookie young quarterbacks you know what is what is the offensive line of their offensive line i know it's a thumb question but we're going to zero in that and you know on triggers a minute what what does a young guy need upfront than how bad what goes wrong if he doesn't have it in in general again no it goes wore regard peter uh and then he may be losing some compliments his own game uh you know i i think in the in.

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