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I'm afraid in your condition. You've got about three weeks to live. What? I've got three weeks to live. Are you shitting me? Hi, I'm Rachel Hampton, and I'm nadir Goff and you're listening to ICU IMI. In case you missed it, slate's podcast about Internet culture. Oh my God. Hello. Welcome back. It's been eons. I know it's been an eternity. I missed you so much. Thanks for having me back. Same. I missed you so much. I missed you dearly. And I'm especially without their joining us because we've had some big news since the last time you were on. You been promoted. Everyone say congratulations in the dera. Oh, thank you. Yes, I am officially associate writer of culture at slate dot com. Wow, are you sure it's not like cultures are and chief, 'cause that's how I think of you. You know, I didn't say it, you did. So you got promoted in November, correct? I did. I did indeed. So it's kind of a holiday surprise, no. You could say that, yeah. So I feel like your first real, your first real period of time as a culture writer is right in the midst of all this culture content. And I admittedly have not been keeping up with what's going on in the realm of holiday related content. I really only watch. You know those rankin bass stop motions. Yes, this movie is like Santa Claus is coming to town. And I do love those. I love those so much. I look forward to them every single year. Keep my snow miserable. I'm mister white Christmas. I'm mister snow. I'm mister knight. I'm a mister ten. Friends call me snow. So, but that's those are very old. What's new? What do I need to be keeping up with? What have I missed? Okay, so I don't know that there's necessarily let me put it this way. I don't think the new stuff can really compete with some of the older stuff. But I can give you just sort of collection of some of my overall favorites. Favorite films, let's say. Let's stick with a specific genre, because if we get into favorite Christmas music and albums, that's a whole different conversation. But favorite Christmas films, I have a ton of them. Christmas and the holiday season. It's one of my favorite genres of film. So one that is recent that I did write about was the new Lindsay Lohan movie falling for Christmas. Okay, how is it? Okay, the movie is actually not that bad. And I love me some Lindsay Lohan. I am Stan. I think she's. Yes, she's iconic and I really enjoyed watching her be able to just do her thing in this movie. What I wrote about was that I wish that they gave her character a little bit more to deal with than the literal same character arc, all of her past characters have been dealing with. But at the same time, I'm just happy to see her. She can do whatever she wants on my TV, and I'm fine with that, you know? Love me some Lindsay. So falling for Christmas, I would recommend, especially if you just want a very lighthearted romp that you don't have to think about. Well, all of these are lighthearted romps that you don't have to think about because I'm not trying to think in the holiday time. So one of my other favorites well actually let's go to two of my other favorites also rom coms are the last holiday starring Queen Latifah. That's one of my all yes. Christmas movies ever. I was like, did they make a new laugh holiday? 'cause I was like, oh, no, no, no, that movie slabs. Yes. It is so good. Good. I never wanted to go. Yes. Listen, I have never wanted to blow all of my money and go on a very expensive vacation to somewhere in the middle of cold, bumble fuck Prague. I've never truly. I love that movie so much. I feel like we should describe what happens in this movie because we're just yelling and coherently. Okay, so in this movie, Queen Latifah, she has, well, two things are going on at the same time, right? She loves to cook. She cooks at home while watching people like Emeril on TV. I know, listen, out here. And then she also has this sort of, will they won't they relationship with one of her coworkers, who's played by el cool J? And she works in the kitchen section of a big department store. So she finds out that she has a terminal illness, and she's going to die in a few months. I mean, of course, the whole shenanigan is that there was actually something wrong with the machine. And so there's a whole C plot where the doctor is trying to return and tell her that she's not actually going to die. But she thinks she's going to die. And so she decides that she's going to blow all of her savings and go on this very, very expensive, super high class vacation to this 5 star resort restaurant in the middle of some European country. I was going to say, I think it's near a Prague. You know, if not Prague itself. So yeah, so she does that. And while she's at the hotel, she has this just lovely experience. Where she meets all of these people and she finds herself worth and she changes all these people's lives for the better because she's honest with them because they all think that she's rich because she's blowing all this money. Right. And so they feel like, oh, this is someone I should pay attention to, but because she's just, you know, Queen Latifah from the block, she's just telling about themselves and they're all just like, wow, I haven't had someone be this honest with me in years. You really are just like an amazing woman. Smokey Robinson isn't it? Smokey Robinson is in it, and I also want to give a small shout out to Alicia witt, who you might not know who she is just by name, but if you look up her picture, you will be like, oh yes, I've seen her. She's one of those actresses who's in literally everything. Like she has been in everything, and I feel like she doesn't get enough credit. And so shout out to Alicia witch. She's also in that movie. Okay. Okay, so what's the next one? Okay, two more quick ones. We'll just say the quickest one is Groundhog Day. Starring Bill Murray, classic. We all know why it's great. I want to talk about holiday in handcuffs. I want to talk about the Mario Lopez mobile. Yeah, I was like film. Family movie? Yes, the ABC Family movie holiday in handcuffs. I have only seen commercials for this because it comes on on the ABC Family slash free form 25 days of Christmas. Lineup. Rachel, you've never seen holidays. Okay, we must. We must handcuffs is about Melissa Joan Hart, who kidnaps Mario Lopez. Yes. I'm here to be her boyfriend to take him home to her family for Christmas. And when I say kidnap, as the title suggests,

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