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And Abe Lincoln in Illinois. Biopics often seemed to inspire a herd instinct in tinseltown, 1960 saw both Oscar Wilde and the trials of Oscar Wilde, coming out, as it were, and more recently there was a big year for another gay icon with two stars not only doing Truman Capote impressions, but telling the same stories. Philip Seymour Hoffman in capote. I'm free. Moved into the hotel bar. I'm free Bogart. Where he and John, you know, Houston. And here's Toby Jones in infamous. Struggling to write a scene for bogey. Loki, you mean Humphrey Bogart? Yes. And so John. Wayne? Do I feel? Kennedy? Houston. Infamous was a tiny indie while capote was from a major studio, which explained their overlap, also true of the competing blond bombshell biopics about gene Harlow, one starring Carol baker, and the other Carol linley, two carols in films released months apart called believe it or not, Harlow and Harlow. It's like the producers had a death wish. If films are sufficiently different in tone, there won't be audience confusion, even with similar plots in 1964, shortly after the Cuban missile crisis, there were two movies about the start of World War three. Nuclear annihilation played straight in failsafe and for laughs in doctor strangelove. Hey, what about major Kong? There were no reports of moviegoers laughing at the wrong movie. It was about a decade after that, that for the first time in Hollywood history, wiser heads prevailed

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