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Let's say Hello to you you're on. Screen. On the Tom leykis show Hello Follow Doing. Great how about you I'm a first time caller. And hundreds of the call finally joined the p. one family and subscribe. The other night Thank you Great great you have. On there I've been catching up on a lot. Of stuff One question I have though was you had brought up if and when you cancel. This part of this show that any upcoming things that you're going to be doing we had. A, sign. Up on a on. A Email list so we could keep following you Drivers still have to do that Lil or okay Why not you know why it's because. Of spam laws I can't just put you on a list and assume you want to. Hear from me so you p one list dot com and put yourself. On the list and that's the only way I could send you. Email Okay Gotcha I'll do that what was the Email again It's. It's a website. P. one list dot com Got it I. Love this.

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