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That right to do but while he's on the clock with the team the team dictates what he can and cannot do and you can't say he has a right to free speech he doesn't have a right to free speech everything that I tell you is it the pleasure of the company of the company tells me tomorrow we're going to do so and so and we're not gonna you know then I have to decide if I want to conform with now we talked with this other thing if they fire me for saying something that somebody else gets to say that's a whole different story I mean that's about equal treatment to work but if the policy is there were changing formats tomorrow on W. T. and then we're gonna be a liberal talk show station the only the van Gogh listeners get a hold of that I'm just saying if that were the case then I would have to decide if I want to be a liberal come later go to work somewhere else it's a format change I don't have the right in other words this is not my position is a position that I'm hired to do and I work at the pleasure of the company as it stands right now fortunately they love what we do we get a lot of people listening and so they let me do what I do I've had another station to try to squelch me actually was this station but was many owners ago and I decided to leave and that's when I went to Philadelphia so that's a long story but up so I mean I've been in that situation where they try to tell you what you can and can't talk about and ironically that was about the Titans anyway long story will get into it now so our conversation swerved into all sorts of things are going on now as far as the political correctness and black lives matter and all the rest this stuff with the statues being torn down and everything else and I said I cannot believe that the Dixie chicks haven't changed their name to the Dixie for crying out loud well guess what so no sooner if I said that I come back to work in the cabin here I'm doing show prep and I see this story Dixie chicks change name to the checks amid nationwide protests for racial justice Natalie Maines Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire change their band name dropping Dixie a nickname for the civil war era self and this from people magazine group formally known so to be the band formerly known as the Dixie chicks were found in nineteen eighty nine recently changed their band name dropping Dixie the name change which has been implemented on their website and social media accounts comes as amid nationwide protests including the removal of several Confederate statue so here's the funny thing so I'm talking about the Dixie chicks and my wife said the only thing objectionable I find about them as chicks so I don't like it I don't you don't like it when you say checks I saw we see chicks and dudes as if the equipment of dudes dudes and chicks that I don't like it I said what I never knew that I never knew that about you before you did like you know like when I say checks and switch I do occasionally hearing of this check that so and so this dude did so on so so I guess some folks including my wife referred to by check so now they're going to have to change your name to just the how about that they'll be the is this not getting ridiculous now she wasn't suggesting they had a name changer name because she doesn't like the word check she just says you know I'll get over it or I won't lose the musical yeah if it bother me that much but they're changing the name from Dixie chicks to just checks how about how about the broads would that be offensive just call on the broads so have they had a hit record since the George Bush thing I don't know Johnny have they have they have a hit record since all the brouhaha all I hear is crickets ma'am and so now they're gonna change this is another publicidad stunned after lady Adam Anna Anna bellum changer name the lady a which by the way is now squatting on another artist who is actually a black woman who calls herself lady a culture preparation is what that is Hey sh lady Alabama and the belum shortening their name saying we're sorry for the hurt this is called this is I mean this is just so flipping ridiculous and remember last year we had Confederate railroad was being bombed from gigs of parks and stuff like this because of their name and I said then this is when these other bands need to come to their defense and say look if the if if they're being bombed from the state fair we ain't planning their and so how many other I mean you got Alabama and all these other bands out there they go changing because Alabama may be offensive to somebody and how many of these bands have used the Confederate flag in their logo tons of money job I think junior David Allen coe all these yeah blackberry smoke may go ha I almost a good there's a video I saw that that someone did to cheap trick southern girls have almost put it up just to make people mad because it's got Confederate flags and that got a girl in it with a bikini black the game a and it also shows the civil war reenactment I will get those who had a boring that coming back you fired we're going to have to stop the civil war reenactments now because it's going to offend people I mean it's ridiculous the do re enactments down in Franklin they used to all the time went to the probably gonna have to stop that because people find offense if you find offensive just don't don't do it just don't go to it so I'm sitting there listening and all this stuff in and going well when does this end and then somebody sent me this and I think I have one of these somewhere it is a Clinton gore ninety two button political button and the back drop its own a Confederate flag this is nineteen ninety two Clinton gore for president on a Confederate flag backdrop you see Jimmy Carter posing with the Confederate flag in the back while his wall I mean this is so but now anybody who does this is a is a is a straight up racist in a moment we'll tell you what the founder of beats he has to say about this Robert Johnson slamming the toppling of Confederate statues and what he says about these liberal white folks is nothing short of hilarious we'll tell you when we come back right after this I didn't write a motorcycle for fifty two.

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