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So they're dating. Now they've done the family introductions We've not really talked about the quilt stuff with Jacob and his grandfather's barely even to the extent that you get in twilight. You'd never like you spend like ten pages with with yes. Jacob in his family, and we are now three quarters of the way through the book. There's no major antagonists yet and the Vampires WanNa play baseball and the, and she's like you're all play baseball and he's like it's the American pastime, Kuka cool and what kind of bats do they use like if they're using wooden, all those bats would break their swim so hard pitching them so hard. There's no mention a metal bats in this book like no I guess they don't mention what the bathroom main Adam that's a mess. What's up with that? Also Alison Edward. Can She using psychic energy which they do talk about a little bit I also, there was a part of the baseball game that really confused me Andrew. Tell me about this part of the baseball game. I have to find it in my screen shots of the notes that I took. Okay. So there's a part in the game. There are teams of three, which is a weird way play baseball, but you only got six vampires to play baseball with I. Guess Mama, as Baseball Nave Hardy got very complicated house rules. Yes. Through. and. So Alice and. Edward R team. So he can like see where the ball's going to go but they he's not move until the balls hit or else such cheating and what Rosalie gets on Second Base Andrew. And It is up to bat and he wants to bring her in from second with sacrifice fly. No one scores from second on a sacrifice fly. First of all, that's just not possible. Even if you scale talent explained to me why because the way the sacrifice sacrifice fly is I'm on base and If the ball goes up in the air I can't run. I can't legally leave my base until you catch the ball. So what you normally see is like batters will step off the bag a little bit, and then the or make the catch and then have to run back to the base that they were on. Now, there's a thing called time up, which is you stand on your base you wait till the catch happens, and then you run to the next base. Because it was hit far enough that you're not going to get thrown out. Chur. Great. Wonderful. That doesn't happen from second home because that's to bases you can't tag up unlikely. UNLADEN empire speed. Also and only like to play also vampire throwing, they gotta throw the ball real fast you get out anyway Emmett they say 'em, it's GonNa hit a sac fly sh- to bring her in from second, which again doesn't make any sense. He hit this one high rather than long knowing gravity was slower than I was it worked and I ground my teeth as Rosalie touched home plate. Okay Stephanie Meyer that doesn't make any sense because she isn't allowed to leave the base until ever catches the ball. Anyway. So gravity house knows swimming be rules. Gravity does not matter. Sacrifice, fly does just not how it works does not pace fall..

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