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Secure everywhere Visit Microsoft federal dot com that's Microsoft federal dot com The Tuesday morning It's four 38 Traffic and weather together on the 8th for that we go to Richard and the traffic center All right Dell right now traveling in the district first the good news George avenue near Columbia road that early morning crash cleared lanes open in both directions no leftover light Now headed into the third street tunnel north on three 95 just before you get to the entrance for the tunnel didn't have an oversized tractor trailer stopped in the right lane D dot was sending someone out to assist so be careful if you're headed to the third street tunnel from either side of the freeway He's right at the entrance to the tunnel Southbound side of the tunnel about affected you in good shape getting down to both sides of the freeway and south capital street In Maryland south bell 95 before you get down to one 98 a wrapping up to clean up of an early morning crash that occurred on the Nord found cyber one vehicle went off the road to write the box truck ended up in the median so they did get a heavy duty toe on scene finally they're blocking the left lane at least were temporarily blocking the left line on the southbound side to help recover that box trucks again just be careful Not causing a delay but you're gonna come upon it very suddenly headed south toward route one 98 so be careful Frederick county right near the Washington county line on three 40 westbound between Maryland 17 Brunswick and the exit from Maryland one 80 Knoxville the activity now blocks the left lane on the westbound side jackknife tracked the trail into meeting and median heavy duty detail is now on scene so they're trying to get that wrapped up pretty quickly Eastbound on three 40 the lanes are open It should make you way toward the merge with 15 and into Frederick Nothing in your way as of latex with the exception of long-term work near the exit for Peter show That was have you getting by a single file to write on the bridge deck work But again not causing any delay early Rich hunter WTO traffic Rich thank you Now let's get your storm team four four day forecast Here's NBC fours Amelia Draper Hartley sunny windy and cold today tracking wind gusts up to 30 even 40 miles an hour and with highs.

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