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Okay all right so here. We go with some steve. Harvey celebrity birthdays lot of warned today. Okay fine michael ealy. Carla is forty. Eight ely abbey. Hey here's another one. oh fine. Tom brady from the new england. New england patriots now tampa bay now ladies always as let go is can can if he's on the list and you put a white guy on the list of the guy that could get it. Is tom brady on lists. Yeah is that a question. What wow someone. Who's who's not on the list. But he's having a birthday today martin sheen is seventy-two not on the list. Now not happy happy birthday. Dj my girls spinderella fifty. Yes put the group together. Y'all come trip. In spain and martha stewart is eighty years old wall. Eighty looks good on you. Martha stewart and hanging snoop dogg. That'll keep you young. You come out of jail you come kicking snoot all right. We'll have more of the steve harvey morning. Show coming up at thirty three minutes after the hour. Right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning show..

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