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The cop is going to take refuge at the criminals old hang out, and I struggle with this one they have given some lip service that this Dietrich guy screwed them in some way. He is not a friend. He is not the guy that castor called and said, hey, I need some goons ref up a doctor to put my face on. He has separate goons to do that work. This was someone he used to like, but was mad because of how the bomb turned out. This is just one of suppliers. Yeah. And it somebody that Archer knows about because. He's been busted before. So it's somebody who he knows where to go to and we will find out in this scene. He is the brother of the woman who had cages child, right? And I don't think cage slash caster. Even knows he hasn't child. I think that that's what it's revealed here to Archer as castor. When she's like, this is your son. I think that's the big reveal. So caster at no point knows he has fathered a baby and apparently in cut piece of dialogue. It was part of a three way with Dietrich or brother anyway, so questionable paternal. I mean, they will make out at one point. I wanna just give a shout out though to the actor playing Dietrich knit Kassovitz as the Ray, you're going to say the Wraith, right? Well, it was actually going to say he directed alpha dog. But now that you've brought it up Jacob. Yes. He is the bad guy in the rates, and he's the son of John cavities, certainly one of the. The biggest indie filmmakers of all time. Yes. But John Casavant visited here. Nick Cassidy's is just going to call him out both at our book. Ironically, Nick, Kassovitz he worked with Travolta, right? And she's so lovely. Yeah. I mean, that's the Cassidy's way. You do one that's junk. And then you do one that's personal and small and say me or to Volta go do this small little film with him. That is not nearly as absurd as what we're seeing here. So what's this all about this child is introduced because now it gives Archer some leeway to hurt caster. No, no Archer immediately bigger waterfalls Atta Mike this is like oh my son's replacement. Yeah. Which is awful in lots of ways. I mean, I know it happened and somebody who's that creeping is the story. I mean, I think vertigo that was creepy that you know, let me find a replacement for my dead girl. They could've played it that way. But I think this movie is telling us this is the the happy ending waiting to happen. Kind of. We'll get there. But what's happening? Here. I think is Archer is learning not to necessarily give castor Troy any leeway. But when it comes to Sasha earlier in the film, we saw Sasha briefly because Archer was shaking her down for information about the bomb, and where the bomb be and where's all of that? And he was ready to take her kid away. He was ready to rest her. He's learning empathy for those caught in the middle. I mean, if this is about character. I mean, we all admitted it's not, but yeah, that was like the central or even a subplot of learning empathy for these characters just caught up amongst the I don't know we would have had to see Sean earlier on like not sympathizing with these side garic for this to be a moment. This is just a child can walk around and watch people exploding around him to somewhere over the rainbow. It's so Gianluca do what he did. I think in the killers. He did the same kind of thing where you had. Yes. Some song playing why violence went on. Yeah. That's it. That was all this all was about it so surface and first of all he almost had to pay for this scene out of his own pocket. Because the studio was like, this is taking way too long shoot. And second of all did you guys catch in the credits who sung over the rainbow? I could hear it. I could tell it wasn't Judy Garland. It's libya. Newton john. Yes. A live Newton John Travolta together. Again, I didn't even make the grease connection. But yet this scene the over the rainbow. Here's the maker break, and we had this conversation with mission impossible to as well if you don't like slow motion gun shooting bowls of fruit exploding guys falling over dead action. I again, I'm going to just say beautifully shot..

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