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30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. W T O P NOW at 10 21 CBS News Special Report, Members of the Supreme Court paid tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chief Justice John Roberts. Among the words that best describe Ruth. Tough, brave a fighter a winner. It. Also thoughtful, careful. I'm passionate, honest. Ginsberg's friends and family took part in a private ceremony. Inside the Supreme Court's Great Hall shall lie in repose at the top of the front steps of the Supreme Court for a public viewing. Now to her replacement. Here's our Ben Tracey. Amy, coming Bharat to our knowledge is the only candidate who has actually met with the president face to face. She is considered the front runner. She's 48 years old. She's an appeals court justice. She's a favorite of conservatives because she's Catholic, and he's very strong anti abortion views, and she's also apparently a favorite of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. She was also vetted by the White House just a couple of years ago, when Anthony Kennedy seat came open CBS News Special Report. I'm Steve Dorsey. It's 10 22 Now to your health sponsored by my eye Doctor. Doctors of optometry visit my eye doctor dot com, A major U. S pharmaceutical company has started the final stage of testing for another Corona virus vaccine. The Johnson and Johnson trials will be the largest with plans to enroll 60,000 participants. The experimental vaccine may also have several advantages. It does not need to be stored in sub zero temps, and it may just require one dose instead of two. If all goes as planned, Johnson and Johnson may be able to determine if the vaccine is safe and effective by the end of the year. Maria Garcia CBS News Prince George's County is expanding some covert 19 restrictions, banquet halls, reception and meeting rooms in hotels and conference centers can now open at 50% capacity or a maximum of 150 people. Cigar, hookah and Vape establishments may open for retail sales, indoor pools, both public and private, may open up to 50% maximum capacity. Youth sports defined as medium risk such a soccer baseball in the cross. They can now resume in small groups, no more than 19 members and one coach and for childcare facilities, parents, you're no longer allowed to enter those establishments for drop off or pickup. Listening to this. Finland is sent to launch a pilot program it involved Corona virus sniffing dogs at the Helsinki airport. The voluntary canine tests will deliver results within 10 seconds and require less than a minute of travelers time. The Washington Post reporting. The U. S and the United Arab Emirates are also studying canine Corona virus testing, but the Finnish trial is among the largest and farthest along right now. Coming up next for you in money news. What's it cost to upgrade to a bigger apartment around here? I'm Jeff Global, 10 24. This is Jim Richburg of.

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