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Tens of thousands of newspapers and local tv stations parody and then maybe ten fifteen percent of the population believes it and then they zombie around all holier than thou operating in a totally delusional state by people that are consciously shoveling fraudulent talking points at them i mean rachel maddow who would hang around with rachel matt allen real world i mean you know she's got a miserable life these are miserable people but she misery loves company and that's the problem and we can put a compilation of elijah cummings and all these democrats in her crying and bitching and yelling and it's all lies and i know you know it's a lie but you ask why are the lies so stupid why are the lies so mindless why are the lies show so easy to penetrate that's because you're conscious and you are paying attention and you have a soul and you have an iq that's above ninety but it's worse than that a lot of these people aren't super stupid they have decided to buy into the delusion the bible talks about in the last days people will be given over to great delusion so they've shelf hypnotized indus club and in this club they believe these things and their own echo chamber and then they're always saying we're in an echo chamber no i'm not an echo chamber i face the real reality is what i say and do everyday on here and you look in the eyes of all these people they're just missing something fundamentally insecure and because of that they want power and they want to run our lives they don't have any power themselves so they're trying to always harness those of us who do have spark to be their horses pull them well here's the deal i don't like the presence you rain down on a sandy tom not pulling your sleigh and people are awakening when i say that i mean they are awakening that means something the sleeping giant is in the process of firing up its engines and there's a big roar life they're all hands on deck 'cause that thing they thought was a mountain off of the distance all those years the forbidden land that the evil ones can't go into is they metaphysically stare across the plane astral plane and then the mountain thing they thought was a mountain now she's shoulders ahead rising big white burning is of liberty and light and love and justice and destiny and creativity and genesis and now the giant is on one knee beginning to rise and the gleam in the is is sun rising in the district sadan is coming dawn is coming just as night we'll follow the cycle time is coming to an end because we're getting given a little bit of time to get our breath globally a chance before we face the ai and very very serious situation because we were going to go ahead and pretty much go into world war if if the decisions weren't made trump and others are trying to shave.

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