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Have stayed home is that crime rates are falling faster than the beginning part of the year when they had already started to fall violent crime property crime part one crime all down significantly since this crisis began further evidence that everybody is heeding our orders and further proof for all those texts or emails or rumors out there about things being unsafe that they're just patently false protecting public safety also means reaffirming what we are saying constantly that we are all safer at home I have not hesitated to take tough steps in to make unpopular choices if I believe it will save the lives of the city that I love and it's people in recent days we close lots of Venice beach close the Venice pier Runyon canyon Bronson canyon many team sports facilities in our parks starting tomorrow the parks will remain open for walking or jogging but we will close all park amenities including skate parks and tennis courts will continue doing what we have to do to prevent all gatherings I don't want to do these things I do them each with a heavy heart today would have been opening day for the Dodgers it would have been amazing to be out there to drink in a wonderful L. a day and to see our Dodgers on the way to what I hope this year could have been and still who knows might be the year we go all the way each one of these steps in these things that we're moving know that they are just temporary they are not forever but they are absolutely critical and I need your help to continue with the discipline that you have shown and I'm so proud of you I know how tough it's been I know how tough it's becoming and I know how tough it will be but we can do this and we can do it together Los Angeles as long as we see keep seeing images though whether it's packed trails are crowded beaches we're gonna keep taking clear targeted action to protect Angelenos and I know a lot of a sound like a broken record issuing warnings and it doesn't apply to the overwhelming majority of you but I've been so proud to see Angelenos shaming each other it's one of these times you actually have the mayor's permission to say Hey what are you doing get away from each other you're too close why you going out when you see behavior help protect somebody you're not just doing that to be a busy body you're actually helping protect them and save their lives potentially as well this is serious and you don't take my word for it look at the numbers today today there were nine new deaths in Los Angeles county from covert nineteen and four hundred and twenty one new cases overall bringing the number of confirmed deaths in our county to twenty one and more than twelve hundred cases this represents a huge jump my friends an increase of more than fifty percent in a single day of confirmed cases an increase of more than seventy percent of our Angelenos who now have fallen even more disturbingly we see that if this rate of increase continues in six days we will be where New York is today the same number of cases per capita as they are struggling through I'll be the first to say these are not numbers these are our neighbors these are not statistics these are the loved ones that are in our families and our communities and our workplaces and I never want to report those numbers as I will do each evening without pausing and remembering those who have died their lives their connections their contributions to this great city and to those who are mourning tonight I want to say our hearts are broken alongside you and they will be throughout this crisis for too many Angelenos today the United States overtook China as the country with the most cases in the world and we're only on the front end of this curve by what all the public health officials tell us it will get worse in the coming days we will be together and in these briefings starting tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more about some of those projections experts are sharing with me so that you know what you can expect in the weeks ahead you deserve to know them as soon as I do to prepare for what's coming and behind the statistics are stories that we will stop to learn and to more but we must be sure that these facts and figures provide us not only with remembrance but with greater resolve to stick with this matter how difficult it feels no matter how early it seems no matter at what point we feel we have to listen to science and to data all of my decisions come from that not from a feeling and not from hope for from the truth and what we can get from the experts looking at this disease that's why we have to continue with tough measures why we have to shut down cherished sites and local treasures as long as this emergency lasts it's what we have to do to protect human life and that is the most precious thing that we have I also like to take a moment and speak to my fellow mayors across the country as well as governors and our leaders in Washington we are only as strong as our weakest link in Los Angeles we are doing everything we have sacrificed greatly and will sacrifice more in the days ahead and many other cities and towns and states have taken the actions we did here first in Los Angeles and California I was asked by reporter today is Los Angeles the next New York and I said sure in the same way that York is now the next always is now the next Italy and Italy was the next Iran and Iran was the next China no matter where you live you are the next next this virus doesn't care where you live the media is reporting this sometimes national media there's hot spots on the coasts but I just did the numbers before coming in here in North Dakota they just one day behind us per capita in Wyoming the same it doesn't matter if you're in a rural area it doesn't matter if you're in a big city it doesn't matter what party of the leaders the state that you're in this virus does not discriminate and we must not discriminate in terms of our reaction and our actions that we take together as a country and we have to continue to come together whether it's consolidating all the buying that's going on that's become so competitive between cities and states in our federal government we need to get the help to everyone and here in Los Angeles were prepared not only to do our part for ourselves what is the manufacturing of masks getting things in with hard working long shore workers and truck drivers and warehouse workers to our port it will go into America the time for us to come together as Americans is right now and also to be Americans that engage with the rest of the world individuals are hundreds or thousands of miles away may come into contact with people across this country who then come in contact with people who are in Los Angeles or they might fly or drive into our city so this is a national undertaking and as Angelenos are stopping everything and sacrificing their livelihoods we need every P. S. every certain sorry every single jurisdiction across the country to make sure that there are certain and doing the same things we are to it's a fact any American who doesn't take these actions puts all of us at risk every time that anybody here or anywhere disregards public health orders on physical distancing more people get sick when more people get sick with the rate of increase one person in just two weeks can help spread this disease to thousands of people not just where they live but around this country and when there's more cases that means more people will die so this isn't a time to break rules are flouted laws it isn't brave or cool to defy the authorities it puts lives in harm's way so I hope everybody takes this seriously and stays home one thing's been cleared since the beginning of this pandemic this is a global crisis the code nineteen outbreak doesn't respect state borders or national boundaries it affects all of us no matter where we come from or what language we speak and we've seen the impacts across the international stage travel restrictions from China and Europe a dramatic slowdown in visitors from abroad are airport that is hit our tourism industry and zeroed it out even the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo as this challenge criss crosses the globe I know Los Angeles is stronger and better prepared because we've always been a global crossroads and in a crisis we might have to stop flights and face to face trips but our toughest moments bring us together with the world and we don't wall ourselves off from it we engage with it and we're using those ties to boost our response connecting with partners and supply chains across the world local business men and women who manufacture in China and Korea are helping us get the supplies we need to I spoken with mayors in Italy and Asia directly to ask their advice called heads of state to coordinate assistance and ask for help and tomorrow I will lead a call with dozens of mayors around the world from Europe from Asia the Middle East and Africa to hear what they are facing and what we can do to help each other and tonight I want to thank Shanghai and our sister city of Guang Jo for sending us masks and vitally needed personal protective equipment for our front line doctors and nurses and medical teams this is the power of partnerships this is how we tap into relationships in order to protect our people this outpouring of global cooperation speaks to something we've highlighted in recent days in our own communities and lives that even as we keep physical distance we need to increase our social and spiritual connections this challenge crosses borders and so do our friendships even as we distance ourselves let us not abandon our values we can't accept losing a phobia whether it's what we seen on college campuses for an Asian American owned businesses or immigrant neighborhoods we can never lose sight of who we are and the fellow human beings that are in need of connection support and strength people who are bound by a common commitment to slow the spread of this virus to save our economy and to rebuild a stronger city and world that's the spirit that we bring to this work that's the determination and grit that I hold on to and that you hold on to every single day Los Angeles I'm so proud of you as we look at the storm clouds above us we still see that darkness but we will get through this crisis together so stay safe stay healthy and stay home for strength and love Los Angeles and I'll take some questions and also speak in Spanish.

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