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My name is thomas. And you're listening to hacking or leaderships two-minute tips criticism is something that a lot of people dread but when delivered properly it can positively impact you and your team as a leader. You are personally accountable for the development of others. Lorenzo is always saying this and i agree with one hundred percent. But how can you develop others. If you can't even do that for yourself. Well it all starts with you as a leader being able to take constructive criticism not only from those above you but also from the people around. You not getting defensive. When someone critiques you this shows you people that you have a growth mindset and are open to other opinions when delivering constructive criticism. You need to ensure that it is stemming from the desire to help others grow. That's the whole point when people see that they're more likely to make changes based on the feedback given to them. So how'd you start doing this. How do you start normalising constructive criticism with team. I it all starts with having an open dialogue between you and your team. Everyone has to have the understanding that this criticism is stemming from the desire to help them grow to help make them better leader or team member. It is not a way to complain about someone second if you have a valid critique follow up with the why and how behind why you're pointing this out and how they can improve and lastly always be open to criticism from others. I found to be one of the best ways for me to grow personally. Following these three simple steps can help you and your team achieve new levels of communication and efficiency.

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